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How To Make Your Own Hair Extensions


Hello, my lovely ones! I hope you had an amazing Tuesday!

I am so excited to post to you about how I make my own hair extensions.  I learned about this from a hairdresser friend of mine, and I have finally got it to the way that I feel is good enough for my readers. I am working on growing my hair out very long, and having these really helps me in the mean time! I love getting to play with all the gorgeous long hairstyles while I work on taking vitamins and letting my hair grow and grow.

Clip in hair extensions can run $150.00 and up (with $150.00 being on the cheap end).  I made this set for around $60.00. Below is what you will need to get started:


I purchased the 22″ Hairtensity set (here), hair clips (here), and a pair of hair scissors (similar here). I also got a sewing kit at Walgreens for $5.99.
  Next I cut my hair tracks.  You measure three for the back of your head, and a piece for each side of your head.  I also add a small track to help fill in on the side as well. There are videos on youtube if you need extra help on how to measure, like this one here.

Next you will sew your clips in to the top of the pieces of hair.  There are holes already in there so you can easily stitch them on with a thread similar to your hair color you have chosen.  I actually doubled the tracks of hair for the back pieces because I felt like they weren’t thick enough (so unlike the picture, lay two pieces of hair on top of each other and then sew the clip in).  Now on to layering your hair extensions!

First of all, this whole post comes from this ah-mazing video right HERE. She walks you through every step.  I have used this video on two sets of hair (my other set I had had for quite awhile so I decided it was time for some new ones).  First put your natural hair up and away so you don’t cut your own hair! Then clip your hair extensions in in like normal.  If you aren’t sure how, there is a handy guide in the link under her video.
    Next find where your natural hair ends.  That is where you will start with your layers.  You will be cutting your layers in a downward angle from where your hair ends.  I actually cut mine a little bit lower since my hair is still growing!
This is a general idea of how they will look after you first cut it.  It will probably look really blunt at first, but you can see how it goes in a downward angle on the whole side of your hair.  I did go back in and smooth out my layers some after, but I didn’t want you to be frightened of how it will look at first!

Once again, this before I smoothed up my layers.  But you can see how it will leave your extensions in this really nice V in the back.  That is really all there is to it! I absolutely love my clip ins! They give me so much oompf, and are easy to care for and easy to wear.  
Let me know how this blog post works out for you! I would love any feedback! Also, how do you style your clip ins or long hair?

Love love,



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