Fourth of July Faves

Hello all! Whew, I hope you are starting to recover from your busy July 4th weekend! I will fully admit that I was exhausted yesterday, and I am still exhausted today. It’s the good kind of beer drinking, fried food, fun in the sun kind of exhausted though. Worth it!

I wanted to share some of my favorite moments from this weekend. For my fourth I trekked out to the fields of Oklahoma for fishing, fireworks, fried food and fun. We visited Shanes family and it was just a great time. I love living in the “big city” of Oklahoma City, but so often lately I just crave the quiet peace of the country. Does anyone else have those moments?

 It was such a perfect place to pop firecrackers. I loved this shot of the giant gorill at the firework stand we went to. And I got to pop the most desired firework this fourth, the poopy puppy! If you don’t know what that is, YouTube it NOW. All dog owners will lose it because it just feels like the story of your life sometimes.

Another favorite moment of the weekend was my favorite consignment shop sharing my outfit on insta! This was my cute 4th of July outfit that I planned and laid out. I am all about that style on a budget, and this outfit was a steal. I got both the shorts (on sale for a magical $2) and tank ($5) from Platos Closet.  I added some shine and lace to add a girly touch. I just adore this outfit, and so does my bank account!

As much as I adored that outfit, this is more the uniform I wore all weekend. American AF bikini and cover ups. It’s really the best choice uniform in the hot Oklahoma heat. But hey I caught two bass, swam, and took a nap in a hammock in this little number. That makes it all purpose, right?!

I hope everyone else had a great time celebrating as I did with so many sweet people. What were your fourth favorites? Let me know and leave some love in the comments below! Also for more fashion and favorites follow me on IG @liliesandlattesblog.

Love love,