Why PokemonGO Is A Gamechanger

Team Instinct! Printed by Oklahoma Shirt Co. @LiliesandLattesBlog

So, if you live anywhere, even (or especially?) under a rock you have heard about the PokemonGO phenomenon that launched in the U.S. about two weeks ago. The show most millennials know as basically their childhood (or was I really just that nerdy? #sorrynotsorry) has now been launched into a new free app for smartphones in a whole new style.

Now, let’s talk about that for a second. If you haven’t played, basically, the game makers have taken maps from all over the world (hellooo google maps) and identified places and landmarks as special “pokestops” and “gyms”, so it is completely ready for the location you are in. When Pokemon “appear” it uses your camera to show them in “real life” so you can take photos and have a true poke-experience.

Now, why is this a game changer? First it is such an incredible use of technology. No other game has utilized this particular technology and then made it free to anyone with a smartphone or tablet to use. This game is also personalized to your area.

Secondly, it is getting people out and about in a way I haven’t seen since growing up in the 90s. After downloading this game, I see people out taking walks and hikes. Since you have to explore to find and hatch Pokemon, it takes gamers of all types out of their chairs and couches and out back in nature and also in “populated” areas. As for me I get up more regularly during the day, often will choose walking over driving if I can, and I am more motivated to be active. It is already starting to become a habit even when I don’t have my phone in my hand. It may seem so silly that it takes a game like Pokemon to wake us up to our physical health, but whatever works! 

a happy sight.

Most importantly PokemonGO is a game (life) changer is that it is bringing people together.  The shirt I posted on the outfit pic above was actually printed through an amazing local company called Oklahoma Shirt Company. They created a shirt design for each team on PokemonGO, and offer days where you can get these bad boys printed for free! (Go Teal Instinct!) It is so fun to be walking around a park and hear someone cheer for you and your team! I have seen children, teens, and adults all out playing and all having wonderful, childlike fun as we search for those “rare” mon. I remember all of the good values taught in the show about friendship, teamwork, and working hard. I am starting to see these shine again!

More than anything, in a time where most songs include the word “bitch”, there are gunshots on the news, and hate on so many sides I am happy to see something pure, something healthy, and something kind. Whether it is a fad to you or a new lifestyle, please enjoy all the good and have fun catching ’em all!