Why You Should Be A Plant Mama (Even If You Have A Black Thumb)

my front porch looking in.

On a whim, late this spring (and on a water infused high), I could not locate any fresh mint. Every store was sold out to millennials like me searching for some minty-licious water. This prompted me to drive down the block to the Home Depot. Let me just say this is a store I love but (unfortunately) know little about. I could, however, navigate my way over to the herbs. I was so thrilled to find loads of different types of mint, as well as other herbs, vegetables, and berry plants. On top of that they were on sale 4 for $12!

Now if you read this blog regularly you know I am obsessed with buying things on sale and at-cost, so, after quickly calculating the cost vs. one box of fresh mint I knew I had to bite. I put away my fear of the stigma of loving to garden (only for grandmas, WRONG!). I painstakingly picked out my four plants: sweet mint, lavender, tomatoes, and sweet pepper (what can I say I like sweets).

I had heard over the years that herbs tend to be a lot harder to kill than normal plants, so that gave me hope. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE plants, and I love nature. As a child I had plants for years ! But it had seemed over the years that my twenties did not mix well with being a good plant mama. I hate to admit it but it had seemed I had developed a black thumb. 

my OG babies!

But somehow, my four plant OGs have made it all summer and have actually thrived! My mint plant is huge and smells amazing. My tomato has a plump fruit on it, and I am hopeful for my peppers and lavender as well. All four have grown and given me so much joy past a cup of mint flavored water. Here are the reasons I have found it feels SO good to be a plant mama. 

1.) It feels natural. As silly as this sounds, it’s true. There is something so calming and rewarding about getting your hands dirty like our ancestors before us and helping another being to grow.

2.) Instant scentsy. My mint and lavender plants make my home smell amazing! I can’t imagine if one day I tried flowers how amazing those would smell. Who needs a scentsy when you can have the real thing?!

3.) Instant decor. Plants are pretty, and a lot of herbs and fruit bearing plants flower as well. Instant pop of color and flair.

4.) It gives you something to come home to. As corny as this sounds, it feels really good to be needed. I love arriving home to check on my plant babies, see how they have grown and tend to them.

5.) Its calming. Gardening is often listed as one of the most therapeutic hobbies you can have. I can’t put my finger on WHY exactly, but try it for a week and tell me it’s not. You won’t!

6.) Money saver. I chose herbs and veggies because of the high price of herbs. My herb plants are already paying out, and I think next year my veggies will too. $4 for 6 basil leaves? I think not.

7.) It’s engaging. There is a lot of research that goes into taking care of plants. Location, light level, cute mason jar pots…. As well as figuring out the perfect meal or drink recipe for your new harvest!

2nd gen, including lemon balm, parsley, and cabbage to name a few!

My love for my plant babies prompted me into a trip to Under The Sun today, where I purchased 17 new babies for under $20. I urge you to go check out the end of season sales in your area. Let me know about your green (or black) thumb experiences in the comments below!