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7 Things To Do When You Have A Bad Day

Let me just start by saying today was just a bad day. You could write a whole kids book (Amanda and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day) on today. I see this as a perfect time to also blow off some steam from this day in history.

First of all, I wake up in a panic at 4 a.m. from one of those nightmares that feel so realistic you need at least 30 minutes and a glass of warm milk to calm down from. I finally drifted back to sleep only to be awakened a few short hours later by my morning alarm. Grrrrreat…

I put that aside to take on the day with as much verve (and coffee) as I possibly could, only to have some strange phone number call and inform me of a bill I expected, that was actually double what I expected and sooner than expected. I don’t know about you other milleniels, but I am literally working my butt off to pay down my debts from college and thereafter, so unexpected bills only make me feel like I am pushing the ball up the hill just for it to roll back down.

The rest of the day finished out at a polite “meh”, with my friend at work also having a rough day and a thunderstorm cancelling out my much needed hot tub time.  Of course this is mixed in with the normal trials and tributes of a work day to just leave me craving my bed, a cup of hot tea and about five hours of Pretty Little Liars. While this wasn’t the worst day in the history of my life, it was the topper to a rough few weeks.

I did however have some weekday warriors you know who you are!) that helped me stay positive through the day and really help me feel supported and cared for, so I wanted to spread this care on to someone else who might be having a rough day or so..  I present to you 7 Things To Do When You’re Having A Bad Day:

1.) Remember this too shall pass. As much as it feels in the middle that you will never make it through and that this is the end, you will make it! You have made it through everything else so far, you will make it through this as well. Things will get better, tears will dry up, your heart will mend itself. Oh, and there’s payment plans. And Ramen.

2.) It’s ok to cry, a little. As a hugely emotional person, I cry at pretty much any emotion. Happy, sad, you name it. Being this way can also lead to getting over the top and just stewing in the emotion. This is hard on you and not going to change what’s going on. Have a good cry, and then force yourself to move on. Read a book, work on a project, go for a run, or do something that distracts you and makes you feel productive.

3.) Do something nice for yourself. Now let me preface this by saying you don’t have to go on a shopping spree (done that, you end up buying all black anyway). Paint your nails, cook a yummy dinner, buy a latte, take a walk somewhere beautiful, make a bubble bath, meditate, or take a nap. It will help you feel better and remind you everything will be ok one step and one breathe at a time.

4.) Reach out to others. Chances are, the people in your life have been where you are, and have made it out successfully. They also may have great insight into making things better, or a hug, or a great phone call. Or in my case macaroons and Starbucks (how lucky am I?!)

5.) Pray. God knows who you are, where you are, and why you are there. He can also provide peace to you in your day if you just ask him.

6.) Will this matter tomorrow? Many things in our bad days really won’t matter in an hour, let alone the next day. Asking this simple question to yourself can keep a lot of things in check and also keep from having a bad(or worse) day. If it does matter tomorrow, do what you can to fix it and move on to the next thing.

7.) Vent. Example? This post. Call a friend, write it out, make a Facebook status. Just getting your negative feelings out can help so much more than storing them down deep (trust me I know!). Let it out.

I hope these tips help. I have accumulated them over bad days through out the years and they definitely help keep me in check. What do you do on your bad days? Let me know in the comments below!

Love love,



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