Bachelorette Final Two

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Hopefully all you other hopeless romantics out there are glued to this season of the Bachelorette just like I am. I have been a connoisseur of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette since it first few seasons (minus a few after Juan Pablo, I just had to take a break). Whether it is staged or not, there is no denying that several happy marriages have come from the show, especially from The Bachelorette.

If you watched last season with Ben Higgins, I think we all grew a soft spot for wild child JoJo from Dallas, TX. Not only is she spunky and full of style, her dating life had (unfortunately) been full of heartache like most of ours have been.  Ben ended up telling JoJo and Lauren he was in love with them, only to end up picking Lauren and shattering poor JoJos heart. It was exciting to find out it is her time for love on this season!
If you have been watching, this week started us out with the final four: Luke, Chase, Jordan, and Robbie. The Texas war veteran, the Colorado business man, the former pro football player, and the athlete swimmer. Sadly, my favorite mega-hottie Luke was sent packing. We don’t really know if it’s because he took too long to say “I love you”, or exactly why. But JoJo was left in tears (I would be too!).

Then we watched the three remaining have their separate “fantasy suite” dates in Thailand. I loved her date with Robbie. They have a really natural and happy chemistry, and I think for me this was the first time I genuinely believed Robbie, and really saw him work to make her feel like an absolute princess like she deserves. They were grinning and affectionate the time, and she never had to question him for a moment.  They had a slip up of an ex of Robbie’s last week that they already seemed to have cleared like a couple of champs.

Jordan…sigh. I have wanted to like Jordan as much as JoJo does. He comes off so cocky, arrogant, and self centered. He always seems more concerned about himself then with her. He couldn’t even answer to her what the next year would look like. I don’t trust him, and I have felt for so many weeks she is going to get her heart broken by him.

Chase and JoJos date started out great canaling through Thailand. Somehow she did end of offering him the fantasy suite, only to crush him and send him packing literally moments after he says he loves her. Poor Chase! He was a good guy and I think would have given JoJo the most normal and joyful life of the final four. In my mind he seemed the most stable.

The problem I see with JoJo and her many tearful goodbyes was going to much on feeling and abruptly sending them home. (Wells, James Taylor (my favorite ever), Luke, and now Chase). I appreciate her honesty, but how do you have no clue up until those final moments?

With Chase gone, we are down to Robbie and Jordan. Hands down I hope she picks Robbie! While things have moved fast, he loves her and really seems to be manning up and has always done what he can with limited time to make her feel special, and in my mind that is way more important than the fame and fortune she might have with Jordan. Looks fade, a heart is forever.

Also, those monkeys tho! The bloopers at the end are always my favorite.

So, are you team Jordan or team Robbie? Or are you still mourning another sent home (James Taylor)! Leave me some love in the comments below.

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