My Goals For August

Top, shorts, and sandals are fully from Platos Closet for a grand total of $15!

Ok so first goal is to work on timeliness.. Why? Because it’s August 4th and I’m just now thinking on goals! But really, my life has been so crazy for the last 10 months that it has been so hard to make clear goals and lock them in. Don’t get me wrong I have finished plenty of things, but half of the time it felt more like luck than anything!

I am so happy to say that life finally feels like it is entering a calm patch for the time being (as calm as my life gets anyway). With this I really want to make sure I am enjoying it but also putting the lack of chaos to good use. Weddings are over, I’ve moved, the new job is starting to settle in. So what now?

1.) Health. I know this is the most vague goal ever, but let me explain why. Healthy living is very important to me, but I also think it is important to keep great balance with your life so you are emotionally happy and not just a slave to the gym or the meal planner.  I am someone who loves to be active, but I want t to be fun, so I hate making it a set goal or activity until I’m excited about it. But my general health goal is this: more water, more activity, healthier home-cooked meals and vitamins. I can’t say this will eliminate all the Taco Bueno and mocha frappes, but I definitely want to make a big health step forward.

2.) Adventures. With life calming down, I want to finally enjoy it more. One huge reason I drastically changed jobs was so my personal life can become more rich. As I said above there is a lot of balance I need to practice, but big and small, social and personal, I need adventure in my life. I’m starting with a camping trip this weekend, and I can’t wait to start sharing all of my adventures with you here!

3.) Fall Wardrobe. This may seem silly to some, but my fashionistas will understand. First of all, leaving teaching has opened up my style life a lot. I still strive to look professional at my day job, but I finally feel so much more comfortable to take fashion risks without 650 parents eyes on me (even when I’m just out and about town). I have had a hard time since changing careers because it does change your identity as well as your confidence. I want to find some gems that make me feel good as I continue into my “new” life. I have started my budget friendly wardrobe for this fall, and I can’t wait to complete it and post it here!

This may seem like a small amount of goals, but these three are what I think will most help me with my happiness at this time. Something I don’t share a lot about on here is that I have had issues with anxiety and depression for quite awhile. I am doing well, but I have also faced some hard and honest changes lately that have made my battle with this a lot harder lately. I’m sure a lot of you can relate, probably more than I even realize. It is such a hard thing to open up about, because there is (for me) such a fear of appearing “crazy”. But I want to try and start opening up about it here, if by any chance it can help others with their struggles.

I hope that by posting this here it will help make me more accountable! Please, leave me some love in the comments below. I can’t wait to read them!

Love love,