Shopping Off Season

actual cost? $54.38. My cost? $8.71.

Let’s spend some time talking about one of my favorite things today. What is that you may ask? Well I will be happy to tell you, it’s saving money. Before you laugh and scoff and say, ” Cmon Amanda who doesn’t like saving money?!”, hear me out.

I love reading all the posts about Nordstroms sale, and online offers, but a lot of the time even the sale prices on those items are too expensive for me. Will it always be that way? Hopefully not. But should I (or anyone) have to give up looking classy and fabulous because of price? Definitely not. 

People who know me often compliment my outfits and may assume I spend all of my money on clothes. While I wish this could be true it’s not, but I still maintain a very beautiful wardrobe because it makes me feel happy and confident (and is one of my favorite hobbies!).

boot socks 5 for $5, fleece lined leggings $3

blanket scarves 5 for $5, Rue 21

One of my first big tips to share on here (aside from my love for consignment shopping) is to shop end of season or off season sales. While it is still (literally) 108 degrees here, in about a month or so I will be ready to wear all of these items and I saved around $50 just buying them early. Keep an eye out around the end of seasons for stores that have sales, or even extra discount sales like Rue 21.

Next, make sure you know your style and the trends. For me I know warm leggings, boot socks, and blanket scarves are all trends I see carrying in to next year, so all things I know I will want to wear. I also bought them in colors that go with what I already have (neutrals are your best friend guys). I love the tribal print scarf the most because it gives a pop of style without being overwhelming.

Next you need to know quality. These are all decent quality pieces that would last me a few years with good care. Now for me I know these aren’t live long pieces, or I may be willing to spring a little more for them. But I may be over blanket scarves by 2019, so I’m totally content with the price and I know all items are good quality that I will enjoy wearing, and won’t fall apart on one wear. Plus, if you are dissatisfied with quality or texture you won’t use it. 

I hope these tips help you save some money and feel confident and stylish. There is no reason to not feel beautiful when you can shop on a dime!

Love love,