A Girl Walks In To A Pole Dance Class

Last night I had the privilege of attending a sweet friends bachelorette party (Congrats Rayghan and John!). The plan was sushi, a sexy pole dancing class, and then personal shower with cake and cocktails. I was really excited, but a little nervous because I have attended these classes before, but it was years ago, and this time with a lot of people I would be meeting for the first time that night. Nothing like getting your twerk on in front of virtual strangers! Good thing I don’t have too much of a filter around new people anyway.

We started out with sushi from The Sushi Bar in OKC. I kept it simple with tuna and Philly rolls, yum! We had a little extra time to head back to the hostesses house for some cocktails. I was pleased to find out the girls seemed really sweet, most of them being childhood friends of my friend Rayghan.

Then we headed downtown to a place called Teaze Dance. Like I mentioned, I have been there before but it was a few years ago. First thing I noticed was the fun decor. Everything was very burlesque and a little vintage which I am always a huge fan of. The instructor must have seen us coming and let us have some time to take pictures and play around before we started.

Let me say, the instructor was amazing. She never once made any of us feel like we were doing a bad job even if we were struggling. It was neat to know she hadn’t been doing this her whole life and started with a workout pole in her house, and finally ended up taking classes to get where she is today.

We did three separate classes: pole, aerial, and burlesque/hip hop. In the beginning I was most excited for the burlesque because I love dancing. We started with pole, which was fun but difficult as a good core strength helps you. But it was still super sexy and we all had fun doing our best. It is such an amazing workout too, I am definitely sore today. 

Next was the aerial. I think the silks were most favorite for all of us. We learned how to spin, spot, and flip upside down. It was so exciting and also made us feel really sexy and adventurous! I was really nervous to flip upside down because I never trust my balance, but I did it!

Last was th burlesque. She taught us a very sexy and fun chair dance. She was a very good teacher and we had a whole fun routine by the end of the night. My favorite thing she told us was even if we felt like we were doing it differently or slower than everyone else, it just means you are Beyoncé and everyone else is your backup dancers! I think it helped boost all of our confidence and relax and have fun.

Even for the most conservative girl I would highly recommend taking a class like this. All women want to feel sexy, fun, and free and this really helps you have a chance to do that. I am not very confident when it comes to most athletic things and this actually gave me a lot of confidence and also gave me a good reminder to have fun and not worry about everyone watching you (especially when they are busy worrying about themselves). I would definitely do it again. It was a fun workout and a great confidence boost! It even motivates me to be a little more active on the regular.

Have you ever done anything like this? Let me know in the comments below!

Love love,