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Labor Day Wedding

Last weekend Shane and I trekked to Chickasha, Oklahoma for the final wedding (for us) of the 2016 season.  Our sweet friends Rayghan and John were tying the knot after 8 years of dating. They are such a sweet, sweet couple, and it was the absolute perfect reason to hit the road and drive through the countryside.

I had the hardest time deciding what to wear to this wedding. First of all, it fell on Labor Day Weekend, which whether you agree or not holds the key to the change of seasons and a lot of fashion “rules”.  I also knew it was a scorcher in Oklahoma, with highs in the 90s.  I knew I needed a perfect “transition” outfit where I could be cool, slightly summery, while still nodding to the changing season ahead.  I finally narrowed it down to a black floral crop top with a higher wasted black maxi.  I love the crop top trend, especially since I lived through the 2000’s trend of low rise jeans. I feel like we all spent that time displaying our muffin tops, and the high waisted trend is just so much more flattering.  Also, it helped me stay cool during an outdoor Labor Day weekend, and still feel adorable and classy doing it.

The wedding was absolutely perfect.  They held it in John’s parents yard. It was so picturesque.  A partly cloudy sky, a light breeze in the trees, and a couple so obviously in love. Her colors were shades of purple, with her bridesmaids wearing all shades and the groomsmen had matching ties.  I absolutely adored that John and Rayghan included their loved ones in the wedding. Her cousin officiated, and the best man sang an acoustic version of their first dance song.  They also had a hilarious “bet” on who would shove the cake in each others face.  My most favorite part of the night (because I LOVE dancing) was when the DJ called all the couples out on the dance floor.  Couples were voted off based on how long you had been together.  The final two couples had been married 45 years and were cutting a rug just like everyone else! I loved it, and it was so sweet. It was also a great way to get everyone to loosen up and get out on the dance floor. There was also an adorable photo booth and slide show of the bride and groom overlooking the pond in their beautiful backyard.

We drank sweet tea, ate cake, danced and watched the sun go down on a perfect September evening full of love and laughter.  Sadly I didn’t get any photos of Rayghan and John (I hate being that person with my camera in their face), but you can only imagine how beautiful she looked and how happy they both were.  It was a wonderful wedding to cap off the end of summer of 2016!





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