A Little Fall Glamour

Budget friendly outfit: dress from Ross ($12.99), booties from Walmart ($19.98), and cardi from consignment (originally AE) $14.00.

As per most bloggers, we are busy talking about fall. Why? Fall is the end of a long, hot, summer, and the beginning of a fresh and crisp new season. A season full of traditions and comfort. Fall brings in a time for holidays, hoodies, and cozy time at home with yourself or friends and family.  With pumpkins and plaid everywhere, what’s not to love?

As someone who is constantly cold, fall is my favorite only for about a week. I love the newness, the warm smells and cozy campfires (oh and I LOVE Halloween!), but I hate how fall makes everything lose its glamour and finesse. The trees lose their leaves, slowly my favorite summer dresses and sassy wedges with huge sunglasses get covered up with sweaters, scarves, and more layers than I would like to admit. It makes me feel remember we are entering winter (I’m shivering already), which is hands down my least favorite season of all (thanks, Oklahoma!).

In my disdain for the lack of frills fall has to offer, I am often in search of ways to make things feel a little more spectacular. My lovely girlfriend and I planned a “glicnic” (glam picnic) a few days ago. I have to admit, she did more of the planning, but I did find this amazing pumpkin spice drink from Sprouts. It pops like champagne and drinks like the most perfect pumpkin cider I have ever tried. And it’s all natural, yay! 

I donned my best plaid and booties, and had the most lovely afternoon chit chatting on a blanket (about life, faith, and men (duh)). We snacked on pumpkin scones, chocolate hazelnut cheese (amazing) and cashews. The weather outside was gorgeous and sunny, but with that fall chill in the breeze. It was a perfect time and made me feel a lot better about the end of summer and the beginning of a new season of adventures (and fashion). I definitely recommend planning something like this, especially if you’re having a hard week. Grab some blankets and pillows, your prettiest glass and your favorite treats. Bonus points if you pack a hammock! 

What do you do to feel fabulous in the fall? I would love to hear all about it, so please leave me a message below!

Love love,