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My Engagement Story

So… I’m ENGAGED!!!  After a month of enjoying sharing our amazing news with friends, family, and loved ones I am so happy to finally share to my beautiful blog readers.  I am generally pretty quiet about my close relationships on the blog, but I am so ecstatic there is no way I cannot share our amazing story with you.

First of all, I just have to say I am so blessed.  Secondly, I have to say if you had told me two years ago that I would be engaged today I probably would not have believed you! That whole saying about finding them when you aren’t looking.. yeah, it was true!  I am so thrilled to have Shane in my life, and now as my fiance! It is so important to remember to never give up on the love, and the kind of love, that you want in your life.

I think this is a perfect place to start our story out.  Shane and I had our first real date two years ago.  We had met online, so we had got together a couple times prior.  Both times were really fun and special, but I didn’t feel like I knew him well enough, and was still guarded in the fact that he could be a player or a very handsome sociopath (you never know).  So after spending time twice and lots of phone conversations I decided it was safe to let him pick me up at my house and take me on a real date.   Let’s just say it went well! It was an amazing date, and fast forward two years Shane asked if I would like it if we recreated that date (our favorite) for our anniversary.  I thought this was so sweet and perfect! So we started out with Shane taking me to dinner at a place called Empire Pizza.  I love this place because it has such an amazing atmosphere, pizza, and drinks!   

We got all fancied up, and Shane drove us there.  We ordered our FAVORITE slice (so good), but before Shane needed to go wash up.  At the time I had no idea he was super nervous.  He had mentioned not eating/sleeping well the past couple days but I thought it was just work related stress.  I only had one inkling that he MIGHT be proposing from my sister (she told me to paint my nails), but she promptly squashed that notion by big sister-ing me and saying nothing was happening but I didn’t want my nails to look bad, right?  It turns out poor Shane was actually nervous for a very good reason.

A quick funny story of while we were out to dinner was the guy in the back corner of the picture.  When Shane was washing up, he was very nice and told me how adorable and sweet I was (aw shucks!).  When Shane came back, the man started  grilling him about why he hadn’t married me yet.  I sure didn’t help when I started to chime in with him (Yeah!). Poor Shane.  Anywho, our food was so tasty! I tried to order the same drink I had on our first date (blue drink) but that drink was no more.  I had a “fancy” cocktail instead, and went outside to take a walk on that beautiful day!

We were all fancied up so (naturally) I wanted some pictures for the blog.  I still had no idea as to what was really going on, and I was just enjoying our date, reminiscing and thinking back to our first real date together.  Shane started to mention that he wanted us to be at the lake by sunset so we could drink wine and watch the sunset just like we had before.  I was so pumped for this, but also so unsuspecting!

We started to drive to the lake, and oh my goodness. We hit traffic every which way we turned.  Literally a whole street was closed, and then the next one was stop and go traffic (which doesn’t happen much in Oklahoma).  I asked Shane later if he was stressed to which he said YES, but I really didn’t have too much of an idea anything unusual was going on.  I remember hearing “Heathens” by Twenty One Pilots about a million times and just dancing and singing along while Shane was probably having a heart attack!!

We arrive at the Lake and Shane find the exact spot where we went that first night.  We had drank wine on the hood of the car and stared up at the stars.  We had actually seen a shooting star that night! When I asked Shane what he wished for he leaned over and kissed me.  The whole night had felt like something out of a movie to me.  I was so excited to recreate it, and that he had found the exact same spot!

Shane laid out blankets and pillows, and covered the whole area with rose petals.  Oh! Another reason I completely didn’t think he was asking me was about our gifts for each other.  I had asked him for a hint, and he said “red and wicker”.  Red and wicker? Hmmm… well that’s not diamonds so it MUST be a picnic basket was what I decided in my head.  How perfect will that be? A picnic in our spot with wine at sunset. Perfect!  I can’t believe how much my expectations were surpassed!

Shane asked if I was ready and pulled out this beautiful basket out of his trunk.  Inside was a bottle of the exact same wine we drank that first date (our favorite for that very reason), a wooden chest labeled “Memories”, and a wrapped package which I quickly discerned as a coffee cup.  I really still wasn’t the wiser but I was so excited to see what was in there!  I did notice that Shane had set up my tripod and Iphone to take pictures, but me wanting pictures is so not unusual that I didn’t think much about it. I figured we would use my clicker to take some cute pictures with the sunset in the background.  I opened the box (which had a beautiful red rose tied to the top) and found that the box was overflowing with pictures of us, momentos from the past two years, and a handwritten letter.

Now, if you can’t tell from my blog, I am a photo-a-holic.  I love capturing sweet moments and getting to look back at them years later.  So when I opened the box I was so excited and started to reallyyyyyyy slowlyyyyyyy go through each and every photo.  I probably could have sat there for hours doing that.  Shane finally urged me and said “Open the note!”.  On the lid of the box was an envelope that said “Let’s make one more memory….”.  I opened it up to find a handwritten letter in there.  Shane has written sweet notes and love letters throughout us dating, but finally something started to click in my head that this may not be the gift I was expecting, but so much better!  I started to read all the sweet and meaningful things he had to say… but then I kind of caught on because he said “I have known since the first time we were here that I wanted to marry you…”.  My heart skipped a beat and I skimmed down to the bottom of the not where he asked if I would marry him.

Tears filled my eyes, and I started to laugh and cry all at the same time.  I couldn’t even squeak out a yes so I just started to nod my head.  He asked me if that was a yes, and I said YES!!!

After lots of hugs, kisses, crying, laughing, and even some shouting at cars driving by (“I’M ENGAAAAAAAGED!”), I asked Shane how he could be so calm.  He started to laugh and said “because I’m about to throw up!”.  We both just started laughing so hard and enjoying that special moment together.  Shane had also packed a bottle of champagne which we popped to celebrate.  Knowing me, he had also packed a plate of snacks (say no to hanger).  Oh, and that coffee cup? It is so delicate and beautiful and says “Bride To Be” on it, and is just absolutely perfect.  The man knows me.  We spent the next hour calling friends and family, who were all so supportive.  We then went to my sister’s whose response was somewhere along the lines of “about damn time!”.

Funny side note: Shane had set up tripod to take a video of the whole proposal.  I don’t know if anyone else out there has a problem of constantly filling up their phone storage (I blame you snapchat!), so Shane turned the video on, but it stopped right where the photo directly above is.  My face of pure surprise and joy!  Oh,  and Shane’s foot, about to get down on one knee.  I actually love that the video cut off right there, because now our proposal is a completely private memory for just us.  I think God wanted at least some of this to be special just between us, and not on social media.

Being engaged to Shane is the most exciting thing I have ever done.  He is such a wonderful person, and I am just so blessed to have someone like him in my life.  I am so thankful that he always supports me, laughs with me, and goes along with my crazy schemes and adventures.  He also hugs me when I am sad, and never ever puts me down or tries to change me. He is hardworking, kind, silly, the best friend you can ever have, and loves God.  I am so thankful for him, and so happy I SAID YES!!!


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