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My Wedding Goals


Today is a special day. Incredibly special. One most bloggers probably dream about at some point (even if they don’t admit it).  The day they get to start their wedding series.

Amanda’s getting married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Being an avid blog-reader (for much longer than I have had a blog), I always loved coming across stories about the bloggers weddings.  The details, the pictures, the nerves, the whole thing.  Probably because I am one of the biggest hopeless romantics you could ever meet.   So, aside from finding the love of my life, and him asking me to marry him, and a beautiful ring, I was so pumped to get to share my experiences with my readers.  I know my approach to weddings may be super different than some, so I wanted to share my own wedding goals with you today.

1.) Budget. Per usual,  I am very budget conscious.  Shane and I have both discussed long before we got engaged that we definitely want a nice, classy wedding.  But more than that we would prefer money to put on a house, build our future home, take trips, etc.  I am very much of the mindset that while it is one of the most special days,  there are a lot of places to save, especially if you are putting the extra effort and research into it.

2.) Low stress. I know this may seem like a HUGE oxymoron to most, but this is one of my biggest wedding goals.  We have started with a long-ish engagement (about 11 months).  While some have asked us why we aren’t jumping on a spring wedding, I always answer just to make things easier.  The more things are spaced out, the better.  I feel very good about we have done so far (dress, venue, photographer, and assorted decorations).

Another goal I have in our stress free wedding is to make the day the most enjoyable for Shane and I, and also those involved.  I want to have things planned out as much as I can, and take ideas like making things more self serve so each person involved can have a fun memory of our day.

I also want to make it as low stress for my guests as possible.  Mostly (after watching lots of four wedding) making sure they know what the plan is, where they should be and what they could be doing.  Also some drinks may help with that too!

Simply gorgeous. Stolen from Harpers Bazaar.

3.) Theme. Our theme is most definitely a country-glamour style wedding.  We want it to be outdoors with lots of two stepping, good food, drinks, and games.  I also envision lots of soft, pretty touches and glamour in the lighting and the bridal party.  I know this rustic theme is super popular, but I can’t wait to really make it our own. Plus it fits our personalities to a T!


4.) Colors. Mainly light pink, champagne/gold glitter, grey, and greens. Be still my vintage heart….

5.) Traditional. I definitely want to mix in some very traditional elements to my wedding. I want it to almost be a vintage/retro sort of traditional in elements.  I want the something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.  We have planned to have a memorial table for family members that can’t be there.  I also am opting out of a first look.  I know they are a perfect fit for most people, but for me I want to wait until he sees me coming down the aisle.

6.) Dance, dance, dance. There will be a lott of dancing.  Dancing, line dances, fun dances, two step…. its going to be time to BOOGIE.

These are the pieces nearest and dearest to my heart.  What was/will be the most important for your wedding? Please leave me comments below!





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