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Taking Photos Before Breakfast

Taking Photos Before Breakfast
Top: Consignment ($10)/Charlotte Russe Jacket: Consignment ($10)/Rue 21 Pants: Consignment ($8)/IT Jeans Booties: Wet Seal (old) Choker: Wal*Mart ($5 set) Similar: Top (Rue 21), Jacket (Rue 21), Pants (Amazon), Booties (Charlotte Russe), Choker (Wal*Mart)

Good afternoon all! I hope you are having an amazing Sunday.  If you are off work, I hope you are doing exactly what you want.  If you had to work like me, I’m sorry, but we have jobs so that is always a happy thing too. Either way, it’s God’s day and God is GOOD!  This Sunday has been really great so far.  Blog photos, breakfast, church, lunch, work, and then home to relax.  Let’s dig a little deeper into the adventure that was taking these photos, shall we?


First of all, I am so excited because we bought a “fancy camera” (aka one that is not on my phone) a few weeks ago.  I have been dying to try it out, but life gets cray cray+daylight savings time so there just haven’t been many opportunities.  It’s usually dark when I get out of work and mornings… well… enough said.

I was so excited because we both were off Sunday morning with no plans until church at 10 a.m.  I had carefully planned that I would spring out of bed around 6 a.m., WASH my hair (is that a big deal for anyone else but me?), style it, do my yoga, and take some blog photos! This was the plan, anyway.

Of course I end up rolling out of bed after 7 (which is still pretty good on a morning off!), and puttering around for awhile.  I was running around getting ready and doing my power yoga,  that I didn’t really touch my coffee (my first mistake).  I also was STARVING!  Church has coffee (Starbucks I might add!) and there’s a McDonald’s on the way (don’t judge me), so I figured I could just wait.

One should never wait on things like this.  By the time Hubby made it out of bed, the hanger was fast approaching.  He knows me pretty well and immediately asked if I was hungry.  I said yes, and that only 65% of all hope was lost at this point (yes, I really did say that… what can I say the hanger hits me hard). I was feeling low. Thank goodness for hubby he quickly sprung into action.

We started out taking photos at the location of his choice (aka down the hallway of our apartments in the corner).  Of course this is all with me fussing if I’m wearing “too much pink”, and with him teasing me.  Teasing hangry Amanda is such a bad idea, because when I get hangry I have no real way to determine between real and joking anymore.  I take any joke VERY seriously and may or may not begin tearing up.Hope came in the form of a beautiful stone wall, every blogger’s dream.  We had our first run with new camera and voila these new pics!  Secondly, hope it came in the form of a sausage McMuffin.  The main point behind this post is do NOT take photos in the morning, hangry, with your husband.

As for my outfit, the majority of this is consigned.  Most of my outfits you see here will be, but I have linked (way back up at the top) similar options that are at an equally great price! Remember fashion does not have to kill your bank account! I love pink and black in the fall, I think its so feminine but still “fall-ish” enough.  I also love mixing feminine pieces (like the floral top) with masculine pieces (the leather jacket).  This jacket is actually really warm too which is just an added bonus.

Do you have any horror/hanger stories similar to this? Please share in the comments below!



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