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Mrs. Meyers Product Review

Mrs. Meyers Product Review

Hi all! I hope your week and now weekend have been absolutely wonderful.  It still isn’t really fall year, which I am mostly ok with.  It is cool in the morning but in the 70’s by the afternoon, which is honestly my favorite way for weather to be.   I am pretty much always cold to begin with, so when you add in 30 degree weather with Oklahoma wind I am not a very happy camper.

So lately my “Amanda Time” (a very coveted and important part to keep Amanda’s (aka any woman) sane) has involved watching a lot of Youtube.  I have never been a big youtuber aside from Jenna Marbles and Good Mythical Morning, usually just for background noise.  I recently have been stumbling across some vloggers that really just talk about the same things I like to write about.  Just like with blogs, sometimes there are people you just connect with! I also really love haul videos, especially from Target! (anyone else with me?!)

Many of the haul videos that I saw kept including products from the brand Mrs. Meyers.  I had seen this before on my sister’s kitchen cabinet but really never thought much about it.  My view on cleaning until this point has really been “the more bleach, the better!” (I know, healthy, huh?).  I had seen the organic cleaners at the store and really just thought they were gimmicky and probably didn’t even clean that well, so I have just stuck with my Clorox wipes and bleach spray.  It got the job done and made me feel like I had killed any and every germ that could have ever existed.

This being said, I’m really not a big cleaner.  Don’t get me wrong my house is never gross or overly dirty.  I just have never got very excited about cleaning.  Like it’s definitely above the dentist but way below most everything else. I kept seeing these products pop up however, with rave reviews.   I decided to try them and I can officially say they make me that girl that is excited to clean! Hubby has woke up to the sound of the spray bottle several days now since purchasing these. Who am I even?!

I ended up purchasing 7 different items from this line.  I purchased mine at Target, but you can also have them delivered to you from Grove Collaborative (more info below).

1.) Mrs. Meyers Multi Surface Everyday Cleaner (Lemon Verbena and Pine)– This was the original product I purchased, and is my favorite.  I was really on the lookout for the Apple Cider cent for the fall time.  I had never heard of a cleaner that smelled that way, and it had so many great reviews online.  I am a sucker for fall smells, but aside from in my coffee I am straight burnt out on anything pumpkin scented (anyone else on that boat?).  What I quickly learned is that Mrs. Meyers has certain fragrances that are out all year long, and then there are also scents that are limited edition.  The two I had heard of were the apple cider and peppermint, so I went scouring at my local Target.  Sadly they didn’t have any! There was an end cap display where I was pretty sure it was supposed to be, so I made a little bookmark in the back of my mind to keep an eye out.  I don’t do my grocery shopping at Target, so I really go for more specialty things (the dollar spot, clothes, gifts, and of course Starbucks!).

I did end up purchasing the Lemon Verbana scent because my hubby loves lemon scents, and when I gave it a sniff test it didn’t smell like pine sol.  I brought it home and forgot about it for a few days and then decided to try it out. Wow! It smelled SO. GOOD.  It cleaned really well, and I love that it is safe to use on any finished surface.  I did a full kitchen clean, and it left the counters and appliances sparkling and the house smelling so good.  The scent is my favorite part because I really don’t like anything too strong or perfume-y.

To be completely honest, this one product had me so much more excited about cleaning than I have ever been in my life.  I didn’t realize that a lot of the reason I didn’t like doing my “deep cleaning” was often the fumes that it left behind, and how it dried out my skin.  I was so excited about it that on my lunch break (yes I did a deep clean on my kitchen before work, so proud of myself!) I went back to Target on lunch break and found the Iowa Pine scent.

Holy. Moly.  This one smells even better to me, and I am a sucker for anything seasonal.  I actually snagged the last bottle on the display at my Target, so I can tell these limited edition scents go really fast.

2.) Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Dish Soap (Rosemary)- Once again this has a really nice sent.  I have only really used it on some hand wash only coffee cups I had, but it did a great job and is also gentle on hands.

3.) Mrs. Meyers Hand Soap (Basil)- I picked this up on my most recent purchase to try some other products.  First of all, I just love the way the packaging looks next to my sink.  I have some Christmas decor displayed on my bathroom counter, so I thought the green of the packaging looked nice, but would also look and smell good past the holidays.  There was some Iowa Pine soap available when I went, but I just felt like I personally would get tired of it by the time we made it through the bottle, especially with me using the multi-surface cleaner like a bat out of hell on every cleanable surface in the house.  Basil smells really nice and earthy.  The soap left my hands feeling really clean and soft with a very light and lasting scent.

4.) Mrs. Meyers Glass Cleaner (Lemon Verbena)- I wasn’t totally blown away by this product, but it did work well.  I was really hoping for the same long lasting scent you get from the all purpose spray, but it wasn’t as strong.  It did clean well when I washed my windows and mirrors with it and didn’t leave streaks.  I really want to compare this to the Method Glass Cleaner I have heard good things about.  Has anyone tried both?

5.) Mrs. Meyers Tub and Tile Cleaner (Lemon Verbena)- This shoots out a nice blast of cleaner and reaches far which is nice when you’re cleaning your shower tiles.  I used mine on my toilet as well and it did it’s job well.  Nothing spectacular but not bad either.  You also get alot of product for the $5.99 it costs.

6.) Mrs. Meyers Soy Candle (Lemon Verbena)- This candle is so cute and definitely puts out a nice scent that is not  too weak or too strong.  It lasts for 25 hours, and at $6.99 you really can’t beat that price.  I really like knowing that I can buy these and they will all smell.  Sometimes the ones I have bought from different stores don’t put out enough scent for me.  I would love to get my hands on the larger sized ones as well for $9.99.

7.) Mrs. Meyers Baking Soda Cream Cleaner (Lemon Verbena)- This one really shocked the heck out of me.  I honestly only bought it because the products were buy one, get one 30% off at Target when I went.  TO be very real I didn’t know exactly what this sort of cleaner was for at first.  It’s made for more tough stains like on a stove top or for rejuvenating surfaces like your tub or tile.  We have a flat top stove that I clean regularly, but I noticed it was pretty dull looking so I figured this was as good of a place to start as any.  You pour the paste on there and rub it in.  Immediately I saw grime coming off that I had no idea was on there! Yuck! But thank goodness this can clean THAT deep.  You then wipe it off with a wet rag.  Guys.  It left my stove top so shiny it seriously looked brand new.  The smell was nice and because it’s baking soda it doesn’t scratch the surface.  I am SO glad I picked this up.  I also used it on my microwave, and I would definitely use it on anything thats more heavily stained.  I want to try it on some of my grout too.

Overall I am just plain obsessed with the Mrs. Meyers line.  I most highly recommend the mutli-surface cleaner, and get it in any and every scent that you like.  I just love how well it cleans and how amazing it leaves your home smelling.  Second is definitely the cream cleaner to really brighten up your appliances and tiles.

There were none I didn’t like, and the price point is great.  I’m also excited to mix up the scents depending on the time of year.  What is your favorite Mrs. Meyers product? Or are there some you would recommend over these? I would love to know, as I now have a newfound love of cleaning!

Want to have some of these products delivered to your door? I have recently found Grove Collaborative, who specialize in organic products, including Mrs. Meyers! They will ship to your door and also have lots of great deals and free products.  Click HERE for $10 to spend to try these products.




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