Sunday Steals

Hello blogland ladies and gents! I apologize for the break in posts but it has been SPRING BREAK, and I have also been busy launching my resale shop! You can find it on Insta @LiliesandLattesShop as well as here on the blog! I have hand picked some steals for my readers to get dibs at.  I will carry a variety of sizes and styles so check every Sunday for my new steals and deals!

All items are in excellent like-new condition and come from a clean, smoke-free home.

If you are local (Oklahoma City) we can do a pickup, and if you are nonlocal I can ship it to you for an additional $1.99 ($2.99 for shoes).  To claim an item comment on this post with an email or email me at liliesandlattesblog@gmail.com.

Thanks guys and I hope you enjoy!

  Mossimo Black and Tan Maxi Dress Size Small. $10.
  Early Mornings Tee Size Small. $5  Old Navy Tanks, Size M. $4 each or both for $6.
  Old Navy Sundress Size 6. $10.  OKC Thunder Shirt Size M. $15.
  Buffalo Plaid Shirt Dress Size L. $10.  White Keds Size 7.  $25.
  Glitter Toms Size 8.5. $25.  BOBs Boat Shoes Size 6. $25.
  Bobs Boat Shoes Size 6. $25.
Express Wedges Size 7. $10.

 Orange Jeggings Size M. $8.

Stripes and Sneaks

    Happy Weekend, lovelies! I hope yours has been lovely. I am happy to be back posting after an extremely busy week, including conference night at school, the one year anniversary for the art studio I teach at after school, and a coworker/friend’s going away party.  I have definitely napped the past two days! Thank you, weekend!

I scored some new clothes this weekend, with my PIC/Worst Shopping Influence EVER, Kelsea.  We had a much needed girl date and went consignment shopping.  Kelsea asked if we could go by Wal*Mart (everyone’s favorite, am I right?) to get her some new socks. Naturally I obliged.  I mentioned to her that wally world has stepped their fashion game up, so we peeked through the clothes.  It was amazing how much cute stuff we found!!!! The prices were actually better than at consignment, with the slight relief of knowing the clothes have had no past, out on the streets, or in a smoking home. Just kidding on that, but it is nice to buy completely new-to-you stuff from time to time.

My favorite piece are these Keds style sneakers.  I have been eyeballing these for awhile now, wanting to dress-down some of my dresses and other outfits.  The ones I am wearing actually come with memory foam in the bottom, and are so so comfy!! I paired them with this striped dress and sweater for a nautical feel.  It was perfect for the 60’s and 70’s weather we had today.  However, it was SO WINDY we had to take some #ootd shots inside! So here’s a little peaky poo at my apartment, just for you!
 I also got them in mint! Those didn’t have memory foam though, wah!

What would you pair these with? Shoot me your ideas and let me know how your weekend was!

Love love,


#OOTD Denim Dress

Similar dress HERE.

Hello all! I hope your Monday’s went as fast as mine did. I swear today flew by. My day started off really great with a student bringing me a big bouquet of fake flowers her and her parents made for me. I asked her why, and she said, “Thank you for being my teacher!”.

I also wanted to share my #ootd. I bought this denim dress last week and I am obsessed! It’s so versatile, comfy, and cute. I boycotted denim dresses for a long time because I thought it would be “frumpy”. Boy was I wrong! I loved it and felt super cute.

The Lilies and Lattes Shop officially opened on Insta tonight! Go follow @LiliesandLattesShop to be the first one to get to cash in on my fashion steals! If you claim any item and use the code LILY next to it you will get 20% off!

Go check it out and give me a follow! Also leave some feedback of what kind of items you are most looking for!

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How To Make Your Own Hair Extensions


Hello, my lovely ones! I hope you had an amazing Tuesday!

I am so excited to post to you about how I make my own hair extensions.  I learned about this from a hairdresser friend of mine, and I have finally got it to the way that I feel is good enough for my readers. I am working on growing my hair out very long, and having these really helps me in the mean time! I love getting to play with all the gorgeous long hairstyles while I work on taking vitamins and letting my hair grow and grow.

Clip in hair extensions can run $150.00 and up (with $150.00 being on the cheap end).  I made this set for around $60.00. Below is what you will need to get started:


I purchased the 22″ Hairtensity set (here), hair clips (here), and a pair of hair scissors (similar here). I also got a sewing kit at Walgreens for $5.99.
  Next I cut my hair tracks.  You measure three for the back of your head, and a piece for each side of your head.  I also add a small track to help fill in on the side as well. There are videos on youtube if you need extra help on how to measure, like this one here.

Next you will sew your clips in to the top of the pieces of hair.  There are holes already in there so you can easily stitch them on with a thread similar to your hair color you have chosen.  I actually doubled the tracks of hair for the back pieces because I felt like they weren’t thick enough (so unlike the picture, lay two pieces of hair on top of each other and then sew the clip in).  Now on to layering your hair extensions!

First of all, this whole post comes from this ah-mazing video right HERE. She walks you through every step.  I have used this video on two sets of hair (my other set I had had for quite awhile so I decided it was time for some new ones).  First put your natural hair up and away so you don’t cut your own hair! Then clip your hair extensions in in like normal.  If you aren’t sure how, there is a handy guide in the link under her video.
    Next find where your natural hair ends.  That is where you will start with your layers.  You will be cutting your layers in a downward angle from where your hair ends.  I actually cut mine a little bit lower since my hair is still growing!
This is a general idea of how they will look after you first cut it.  It will probably look really blunt at first, but you can see how it goes in a downward angle on the whole side of your hair.  I did go back in and smooth out my layers some after, but I didn’t want you to be frightened of how it will look at first!

Once again, this before I smoothed up my layers.  But you can see how it will leave your extensions in this really nice V in the back.  That is really all there is to it! I absolutely love my clip ins! They give me so much oompf, and are easy to care for and easy to wear.  
Let me know how this blog post works out for you! I would love any feedback! Also, how do you style your clip ins or long hair?

Love love,


January IPSY Bag Review

IMG_0574Welcome to my first and fabulous IPSY bag review! I have been subscribing to IPSY for almost a year now.  They have such a variety of products in their bag each month.  Here is a face of makeup including all the products listed below! I hope you enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed making it for you!

FullSizeRender (39)Here is the adorable bag and the five products up for review!! Love getting my bag in the mail every month! Here we go!
FullSizeRender (40)IMG_0493
1.) treStique Mini Concealer Crayon (in Bisque)
Rating: 5/5
Let me be very honest for a minute.  When I first received this bag, I thought it was another treStique lip crayon which I recieved previously and didn’t super love because it was very light for me and very dry to put on.  I was so thrilled, however, when I realized it was concealer (something I can’t live without, my light skin gets instabags). It is actually infused with coconut oil (another thing I am obsessively obsessed with).  It offers amazing coverage and is very smooth.  The color matched my skin really well. I highly recommend this!

2.) theBalm Cosmetics Mr. Write (Now) (In Jack B. Bronze)
Rating: 3/5
This was the second product that I was not super happy about, as I religiously have worn black eyeliner since about the 7th grade (for better or for worse!).  I have very big and deep set eyes, and I feel like they just sink in if I wear any other color.  I wore it for the picture above, and an easy night out with Shane and I loved it.  Even though it is not black, the bronze was rich and was a nice, much softer look for me that I actually enjoyed.  I wore it to work the next day however, and looked eyeless again by lunch.  I would recommend this for easy days running errands, or hanging with your friends but not necessarily for a very busy day.

3.) pur~lisse Blue Lotus 4-in-1 Eye Adore Serum
 “…with active ingredients like French marine plants, Matrixyl 3000 and Haloxyl”, this eye serum claims to hydrate, firm, brighten, and reduce puffiness.  Hands down, I believe it so far and I have seen fast results. That definitely impresses me as (I mentioned back in #1), I have delicate eye skin.  I also get up very early every day, and stand in the cold, so puffiness is a definite issue for me.  My only complaint is that the sample isn’t bigger!

5.) MARSK Mineral Eyeshadow (in Mudcake)
Rating: 5/5
Take a look at the shimmer in this eyeshadow! It is actually a million times MORE gorgeous and rich than it shows in the picture.  It goes on very evenly, blends and lasts really well. It is also marketed for being 100% cruelty free, so props to that as well.

5.) Hanalei Sugar Lipscrub
Rating: 1/5
While it is very nicely packaged and soothing on the lips, I wasn’t very impressed. It is recorded to have lots of vitamins in it, so if you have extremely dry lips this may be a better choice.  I didn’t feel much of a “scrub” from it, but more of a moisturizing effect.  I find a product like this to be a waste of your money, when you could mix coconut oil with sugar for the same effect.

Favorite: Tie between the eyeshadow and the undereye serum.  I am obsessed with both and would purchase them both again.
Don’t Bother With: Sugar Lipscrub.  Don’t waste your money!! Buy some sugar and vaseline.

Thank you for reading! I hope these reviews help you know these products. I love IPSY and highly recommend investing in your own subcription! It is a great way to try new products.  If you do, let me know which products you love or throw away!



3 Pieces, 3 Ways

Happy Saturday, y’all! I hope your weekend is magnificent! Mine has been so nice and relaxing. I even went for a walk. In the outside. In January. I had chicken and waffles for breakfast, and a bubble bath. So obviously I am #winning!

I wanted to show you an outfit made of some of my favorite key pieces of my winter wardrobe.  I have found a trick that has really helped me trim the fat on my wardrobe as well as save me money.  I finally know how to differentiate between “wants” and “needs” in my wardrobe which is so hard for me because I love clothes! My trick is do not buy anything if I can’t think of three different ways to wear it.  Trust me, there are plenty of times I try to talk myself out of this rule.  Deep down, I know that if I can’t wear it several different ways I will probably rarely wear it, and it will just take up room in my already full closet.

So here is an outfit made from four of my favorite wardrobe pieces.  This outfit is cute for work or an outing, and is super warm!  Here are how I would wear the pieces in other ways:

  1. Chambray Shirt
  2. Fur vest
    c39a509abc927f5a4a8b6d8f378a0bd5 e700085b8ed4e23efb0dc5d6d60c01f4 eb072c512b235e67546cea4bb1f3cab8
  3. White pants
    6da5c98f6e3e918a35d677b2eaa6eefa 130820833abce6c446df0e304c19ee8f cc7b2c14846d089dedaa54c69d297edf
    These pictures are not mine! Find the links to all of them under Fashion Inspiration on my Pinterest here!

    Each piece offers so much variety! I love it! It definitely gives me more bang for my buck, especially the denim shirt I am wearing from Old Navy that I found on consignment sale for $2.50! (Originally $5.00, I found it in a half off sale!).  You can also see more white jeans outfits I have made here, and fur vest outfit here!

    What pieces do you love that you wear time and time again? Leave me some inspiration in the comments!

    Love love,


Ballin’ On A Budget- How To Do A $3 Must Have Manicure

img_9996-2Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a relaxing Martin Luther King, Jr. Day today.  I am off from school, and so thankful for it! We had our big fashion show this weekend, and it was a blast! It was also super exhausting, so I am ecstatic to have a three day weekend.  I was so done yesterday that I got nothing done. Literally, nothing. Those days are one in a million for me! Today is a good transition day where I can drink coffee and binge-watch Teen Mom 2 (don’t judge), but also get some actual work done too.

I am so excited to bring you the second in my series called Ballin’ on a Budget.  Last time I wrote about How to Make an Outfit for $30 (or less).  Today I am going to show you my $3 manicure that I rock all the time.  Growing up with very little money, as well as living completely independently for the last 10 years, has taught me a lot about how to live fabulously on very little money.  I have never wanted to give up a fashionista lifestyle, but I have also not wanted to run my bank account into the ground.  Many people, especially women, feel that they need to over extend there budget to look good and pamper themselves.  I really believe you can have both, and that is why I am here on my blog today to help get these ideas out.  ALSO, even if you have a large budget, you can still save lots of money for other things with these tips and tricks.  I hope you enjoy it, and here we go!

First of all, I buy all my supplies at the chain store Dollar Tree.  If you don’t have this in your area, I would try another store like Dollar General.  There are similar items at Wal*Mart but they cost a few dollars more.  This weekend I bought two sets of nails, files, clippers, and toenail polish for my toesies for $4.00.  I will also be using nail glue, which I bought at Sally’s with a gift card.  They do sale nail glue at Dollar Tree, and to be honest I like their glue SO MUCH BETTER.  The nail glue pictured here did not work work as well, and I would not recommend purchasing it.

My biggest advice for shopping for stuff like this at the Dollar Tree is to buy it when they have it.  Buy a few sets and stock up.  If one location does not have what you are looking for, try another one.  They also sell nail sticker sets that I like that I will make a separate post about.  I have seen alot of different designs. My top favorites are french tip, leopard french tip, and gold stripes (pictured below). You will end up paying $3 total for one set of nails, a bottle of nail glue, and the clippers/file set.  The glue, clippers, and files are all reusable so that is an amazing deal.

Next you need to clip and file your nails.  I also “buff” my nails ( file on top of the nail, just a little!).  This really helps my manicure last longer.

    Pick your set of nails. I love the french tips because they are so classy and go with everything.  You will notice one of the nails has a little dip in it.  I just file that off once I have glued the nail on.  Next you will carefully apply a small drop of glue to the underside of the fake nail.  Press it and hold it on for ten seconds.  I love this set because it doesn’t come with two many sizes, so I can easily figure out which one goes where, with one pair left over.

Voila! You have a salon quality set of nails straight from your home for only $3.  Feel free to “froof” up your manicure time by doing a hand soak, or using a yummy lotion.  For me these nails last me about a week when I’m teaching, and two when I am not.  I get tons of compliments on them! People are always surprised when I tell them I do them myself.

Here is another set I have found and really like, since I adore white and gold!  I so hope this tutorial helps others feel just that much more fabulous (because you are!).

Love love,


My Liebster Award



OH. MY. GOODNESS. Guys, I could not be more excited to be picked for the Liebster Award from Sarah at Her Little Soap Box. The Liebster Award is an award given to up and coming bloggers to recognize their work and to also help to network and get us out in the community.  This has seriously made my day, and I cannot wait to pass it along! Thank you again, Sarah!

1. How did you start blogging? What made you want to blog? I started blogging because as a teacher, my role for 40 (well usually more than that) hours a week is “Miss L”. I love being that role model and influence, but I felt like alot of the other parts of myself were slipping away.  Starting my blog has helped me refocus on all the facets of my life, especially my appreciation for living the best life possible within the means you already have.

2. What inspires you to blog? So many things! Mostly I love sharing the moments of my life, and the things I have learned (For good or for bad) and hope they can help someone else along in their journey.

3. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be and why? I would love to live on a beach one day. The weather in Oklahoma is up and down and all around… just crazy! I would also love to live in Italy and experience such a different and beautiful culture someday.

4. Describe your blog in 3 words. Girly, Honest, Budget-Friendly.

5. What is your favorite social media platform? Instagram! I love expressing myself through pictures. Oh, and it doesn’t have the drama and opinions of facebook (thank goodness)! (@liliesandlattes go follow me!)

6. What is your guilty pleasure? Definitely Teen Mom 2. Shane could tell you how obsessed I am lately! Since I finally got on hulu I have been binge watching the whole series for weeks now. It’s a serious problem.

7. What is your favorite blog at the moment to follow? I love love love The Daily Tay. She is super funny, and also has great outfit ideas. Plus she loves dogs the way I love my Puppins! (and Guinness!)

8. Name someone who inspires you? My sister. She has overcome so much, and works so hard, all while having a great (and hilarious attitude).  I love that she has been there on this crazy ride with me, and I love her so much!


I love my sissy!

9. What is your favorite quote? Not to be totally basic about this, but this Sex and the City quote has always been one of my favorites:


10. What is your favorite post you ever made? Right now I am really excited about the series I just started called Ballin’ On a Budget.  One of my goals for Lilies and Lattes is to share with readers how to live a stylish and satisfying life within (even a very small) budget.  Money should not keep you from having a high quality life.

11. What is your favorite part about blogging?  My favorite thing is when I hear later that a post inspired or helped someone.  It could be as small as giving them a good outfit idea or a way to make their home that much more special, or significant by helping them on their spiritual path or in a relationship. All these things add up to our bigger pictures, which are so important!

Ok now it’s my turn! I am going to nominate these 11 blogs.  I admire each and every one of them for their content and hard work. Please go check them out!

  1. Jen @ Strictly Personal Business
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  7. Just Jessie
  8. Legal Lee Blonde
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  11. Modest Budget Belle

liebster-award-rulesWINNERS: Now it is your turn to follow the instructions and spread the love with 11 new winners. Congratulations! Here are your 11 questions:

  1. What made you start blogging?
  2. What is your favorite meal to make?
  3. Describe your blog in 3 words.
  4. What is your favorite blog post you have ever made?
  5. What is your shopping guilty pleasure?
  6. Who inspires you the most?
  7. Which season is your favorite, and why?
  8. Which blog are you currently obsessed with?
  9. What is your dream job?
  10. If you could travel anywhere, where would you? And why?
  11. What is your favorite memory from the past year?

Let’s pass on the love now!

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So here is how you can get more Lilies and Lattes in your life! I’m also known to follow back! :-)

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Thank you loves for the support! Please take a minute and help me get this content out there! You ROCK.

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Ballin’ On A Budget- How to Make an Outfit for $30 or Less



Hello Lovelies! I am so so so excited to start this series on my blog, called Ballin’ On a Budget.  Before I started Lilies and Lattes, I was (and still am) an avid blog reader.  I was drawn to fashion and lifestyle blogs the most because I have a huge passion for fashion and home decorating. I loved reading about how other women were inspired by fashion and design.

What bothers me though, is alot of blog’s out there, even those targeted to being budget friendly, are still way more than the money I personally have to spend.  Being a single, elementary school teacher in Oklahoma (with student loans and rent to boot), I shop on a very tight budget.  I know I am not the only one out there.  So how do you buy champagne on a beer budget?

Well I can tell you that. And lots of other good ideas.  Growing up with little money and then being out on my own has taught me A. LOT.  I am so excited that I now have a place to share all my tips (and maybe gain some too!) for ballin’ on a budget.

Today I want to talk about How to Make an Outfit for $30 or Less.


Necklace: Wal*mart, $3 (on sale)// Shirt, Consignment: $6.50// Shorts: Consignment (originally Express), $6.50// Leggings: Ross, $5// Booties, Rue 21, $10 (on sale)

  This was my Merry New Years Day-mas outfit. What is New Years Day-mas? It is the yearly celebration that I have with three of my absolute best friends of all time.  We decided a long time ago it was too busy and stressful to celebrate before Christmas, and found one year we loved doing it on New Years Day. Why? Well, first less stress. Second it makes Christmas last. Three, After Christmas sales. Need I say more?

I wanted to wear a holiday style outfit, so here it is! The whole outfit is based on the glitter shorts. Now how did I put this outfit together for soso cheap? Well here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Study your craft. The first step for me is knowing what I want.  I do this by looking everywhere for inspiration.  When I see someone wearing something I like, I make a mental note. Or in a magazine, a store, on Pinterest. Sometimes I will even put a note in my phone (yes I am that obsessed #sorrynotsorry). This helps you to first know what you like (and not waste time or money on things you don’t really want or need…BEEN THERE).
  2. Know where to shop.  There are alot of options of where to shop when you are shopping on a dime.  My favorites are consignment stores and bargain stores like Ross. I love these because you still get good brands and quality for fractions of the cost.  I also go thifting sometimes, and I am dying to check out the website Thred Up which is an online consignment store.
    You can also find alot of good deals at stores like Wal*Mart, Target, and even department stores and boutiques when you check the sale racks.
  3. Know when to shop. End of season sales, Christmas and Black Friday, Labor Day and special deals.  Keep up with when stores have sales, and you can often find something you want went from full price to half off or more just weeks later.
  4. Shop often, and be patient. This is where knowing what you want is so important.  You may not find the things you are looking for for a good price right away.  But in my experience if you stay persistent it will turn up.  Prime example are these sparkle shorts.  I have wanted a pair for soooo long! But I just can’t justify $60 dollars for shorts.  Lo and behold, I found these with the NYE display at a local consignment store for $6.50.  They are express, and came with the tags on. Winning! IMG_9487

FullSizeRender (37)

Merry New Year-mas and happy shopping!!

Love love,