8 Reasons You Are MORE Than Ready For Summer

Hello, lovelies. Welcome back.  I hope you are having a delightful week.  If not, you can rejoice (hopefully) in the fact that it is Thursday which means we are OH SO CLOSE to Friday!

Here in good ole OKC we have been having a variety of weather the past few weeks… tornadoes, thunderstorms, general cloudiness, and pretty much any weather NOT involving the sun. For someone who is pretty much a plant (I thrive on sunlight!) this has been no bueno for me.  I thought April showers brought May flowers? Soon, hopefully soon!

In the meantime, my apartments LUCKILY has a hot tub, which helps me at least pretend it is summer already and I am lounging by the pool, fishing, kayaking, walking the pups, and all those other awesome warm weather things.  I can sip my wine and RELAX.  If you can’t tell I am MORE than ready for summer.  I usually am not this antsy for the change of the seasons, especially since spring is usually very short in these parts, but this year is just different.

Here are my 8 Ways I Am MORE Than Ready for Summer:

  1.  My skin is officially borderlining between “Snow White” and “pale is the new tan” cuteness to more of a sickly “Edward of Twilight” color.  Especially next to my sister.
  2. Every night I pick out an adorable sunny day outfit, only to realize the next morning its back to tights and a shirt/dress/more tights over my tights sort of outfit.
  3. Fruits and veggies are finally easy to come by again in bright, non-drab colors that they display in supermarkets around here in the winter.
  4. Outdoor concerts sound fun again!.
  5. I’m a teacher. Need I say more?!
  6. Iced coffee sounds delicious again!
  7. Denim shorts, tanks, and swimmies are waiting on deck with a bottle of SPF 50.
  8.  Did I mention I’m a teacher?!

5 days left of school! So many new things are on the way, and summer just marks the beginning of them all! How do you know you are summer ready?

Graduation Weekend

Guess where I went this weekend…

Hello Lovelies! Let me start by saying Happy Graduation and CONGRATULATIONS to all the graduates this weekend!

This weekend I got to see my own lovely sister graduate from Texas Tech University with her Masters as a Nurse Practitioner.  I am so incredibly proud of her. We have been through A LOT together, and I love her to the moon and back.  She makes me so proud every day!

My beautiful sister and I.

I’m so proud of her!

This weekend was a fun weekend but a fast one.  We traveled to Lubbock, TX (6 hours from where I live) right after work Friday.  Oh, this is also after I got a ticket for “running a red light”.  Note to all: yellow=red. Le sigh…. Anyways, after I survived my run in with the law, THEN we headed to Lubbock.  I have been to Lubbock before, and it’s a decent town but not one I would necessarily pick haha.  There were Texas sized waffles, and lots of reasons to celebrate so it was still an awesome time.

It is always great when you have all of your favorite people together to celebrate something awesome!  It was unseasonally cool, especially for Texas!  I am so thankful I was a smart packer and packed two dress up outfits (my hopeful spring/summer outfit, and one for cooler weather).  I actually had a black leather jacket on over it, but took it off for pictures.  I loved it though, I felt cute, dressy, and warm! It was cool and rainy for most of the morning.

I am OBSESSED with this cobalt blue maxi skirt I found on consignment (Plato’s Closet) for $8.00.  I love the style of these high-waisted maxis.  They are super flattering, and easy to dress-up/dress-down.  I would dress this down with a soft grey or white tee and a felt hat.  I would dress it up more with a sleek bun and more accessories.  SInce graduation was during the day, I wore a statement necklace and sparkly sandals.  I sported a half top-knot to keep things fun and casual. Oh, one more thing about these skirts? SO. COMFORTABLE.

I love the sheer overlay on this skirt!

Texas Tech University, in Lubbock, TX.

Did you celebrate a graduation this weekend? What did you wear? Leave me some love in the comments!


Some Goals For May

Hello, lovelies. Welcome back and happy Wednesday.  While I know it is already May 11th, I thought there is no time like the present to start setting goals.  I decided to start thinking about my goals for May.  Before I actually get into those, let me tell you first what got me to this point.

I have always been a goal setter.  I am an over achiever (when it’s something I care about) and I will go the extra TEN miles if I need to to achieve it.  I don’t know if it’s because I grew up being an “honors kid”, always in advanced classes, or if it is because I am simply hard on myself.  Either way, I have always been goal driven.


I am 28 years old now, actually one month shy of 29.  My goals have definitely changed over the years, but in the last 6 months I have really decided to overhaul my LIFE goals.  There’s the tried and true “in front of me” goals, like eat healthier, exercise more, spend less, etc.  But I realized I wanted more specific life goals, because my life is changing.  I’m changing.  But it is God changing me and I know (even when it’s hard) it’s all for the best,

What brought on my recent goal setting? Honestly a huge showing of what I want to avoid in my life.  I have unfortunately seen so much negativity and disingenuous behavior in the past 6 months.  I have been blessed to be around so many sincere and honest people that I was sheltered from the idea that these people existed. Catty, deceitful people who don’t seem to have passed their adolescence.  Women who will be kind to your face and then pick you apart the minute you walk out of the door.  Things I have no respect for.


I am moving forward by focusing on my own life and my own goals.  Knowing that I stand for what I believe in whether it is the popular thing or not.  I am also happy to make goals to move me away from these kind of people who have no urgency to change for the better.  I will definitely open up more on this subject when I am ready.  In the meantime, here are my goals for May, and why I know I need them:

  1.  Self care.  In the past few months my job and other obligations have taken a big toll on my stress level.  Although it may seem from my blog that I indulge in a lot of self care, I really have fallen short lately.  I think self care is so important to women, because we give so much of ourselves with often little in return.  To me it can be the smallest things.  Using a delicious creamer in your coffee, doing some stretches in the morning, taking a bath rather than a shower, or taking a walk through your neighborhood.  Self care is whatever helps you to feel happy and loved just for being you.  Something for you, and for no one else.
  2. More nature. I mean this inside and out.  I want to encourage myself to eat more greens, veggies, and fruit.  I also want to get out in the sunshine and outdoors as often as possible.  I swear I am a flower, because I get very sad when I don’t get outside and in the sunshine.  Now that it is May, I definitely need to take advantage of this sun!
  3. Handle it right away. What I mean by this is handle projects and tasks as quickly as I can when I have them.  I am a terrible procrastinator, and part of that is my level of exhaustion from work right now.  However, I still want to encourage myself to handle things as quickly as is comfortable possible for me so I can eliminate that stress.
  4. Laugh often. This may seem silly, but right now with my work situation I find myself not laughing like I normally do. I also have other financial and personal stress weighing me down currently.  I want to try and encourage myself to enjoy as many minutes of the day as possible.  Whether it’s playing with my puppy, or watching New Girl, or talking to a friend who always makes me laugh, I know I need this.

What are your goals for May? Leave me comments and encouragement in the comments below! Adieu, my loves!


Word Up

Word up, homies, and a happiy Monday afternoon to you.  I am currently in a state of Oklahoma spring weather exhaustion.  If you are not sure what that means (aka you are not from nor have ever lived in Oklahoma), it is that time during April and May every year where our grand ole state decides to produce mass amounts of swirling, destructive tornados.  I want to say there have been 5 in the last 24 hours? Not all in my area, but across the state.  This has you staying up late watching weather, learning Oklahoma geography, and possibly hunkering down in storm shelters and bathrooms.  While I know that there is a relatively unlikely chance of them actually touching down where I am, I have been in two in the last two years that came within 3 miles or less of my house.  SCARY.  Needless to say, my nerves get shot anytime the weathermen are tracking storms now a days.  Anyone else out there with me?!

Other than that, this weekend was great and jam packed.  I celebrated my sweet friends 28th birthday at the zoo, visited with my sister and nephew, and went out of town for mothers day.  The weather (aside from nasty tornadoes and hail) has been gorgeous! Warm temperatures, partly cloudy skies during the day and highs in the 70’s and 80’s. This is honestly my ideal weather.  I splurged on a set of hammocks for my porch, and they are my favorite thing right now.  I actually just came in from reading a book (now that storms are far past us) and cuddling up in the hammock.  It is seriously the perfect way to end your day and watch the sunset.  If you haven’t ever done it, I dare you to!

All of this beautiful, warm, and lazy weather has me craving very cool and comfy outfits.   Outfits that call for a topknot, a pair of sandals, and a walk through the park.  The kind of things you can plop down in the grass in and be totally fine.  Honestly that is my whole vibe this summer, which is funny as I am usually much more dressy and frou frou.

Since I am loving laid back style I have been in search of stylish loose tank tops that can go with literally anything.  This find is my favorite in my closet right now.  It is originally from Forever 21, but I found mine at a consignment shop (like new) for only $4.50 (!!!!).  I wear it with jeans, shorts, sweats, and even a black maxi skirt here.  This look is so perfect for running around in because it is cute and comfortable all at the same time.

Also my first foray into the half top knot.  I seriously hated this hairstyle when I first saw it and now I really love it.  Who knew?!

What style are you living in this spring? Leave me love in the comments below!



A Day At An Arts Festival

Good morning lovelies! It is Thursday already, woohoo! If you are a teacher, it is 15 more days of school (for me at least)! It is also Cinco de mayo, ARIBA ARIBA MARGARITA!  Whatever today means to you, I hope it is lovely!

Being spring it means it is outdoor time, and apparentally full of festivals.  My last post chronicled my trip to the Norman Music Fest (Okie-chella).  Today I want to share from my trip to the Edmond Arts Festival.  For all of you non-Oklahoma natives, Edmond is a town just north of Oklahoma City.  I had honestly never been to their arts festival, but I had an amazing time! There was a great variety of talent displayed, live music, and of course FUNNEL CAKE!

I posted some of my favorite art I saw there.  I am a huge fan of anything floral (or resembling flowers), so alot of the pictures I took are of that variety.  I also saw an awesome wall of metal fish, which makes me happy because I love to go fishing.  There was even a (very expensive) painting of a greyhound that looks just like my Puppins!

In other exciting news, I finally decided to attempt blogger “wall” pictures.  I realized I have few pictures of me posing in front of some cool and eclectic wall like most bloggers do.  Here is my first attempt! What do you think? It was honestly one of those days where I was feeling hormonal and cranky.  I fussed over most of the pictures and finally gave up.  When I looked at these a few days later I realized I was just being so hard on myself! Do you guys ever have those times?

Do you have arts festivals where you live? What is your favorite part?

Let me know!

Love love,


A Day At A Music Festival

Hello and good morning, my long lost loves.  I have sadly been away from blogland for way longer than I have intended.  I have had alot of work stress, sickness, and I have just been so ridiculously busy/exhausted.  More on all of that poo-poo later.  To blast of my spring season of blogging, I wanted to chronicle my adventure to the local music fest this past weekend.

One of my best friends Allison and I had a total girls day and went to Norman Music Fest (Norman is the home of the University of Oklahoma if you didn’t know, and is an absolutely adorable town).  I like to refer to it as “OK-Cella” because at least I felt like I was at Coachella! Either way, I definitely used it as a day to soak in music, fashion, art, delicious fair style food, drinks, sunshine, and time with my bestie.  Here are my tips for having the best day at a music festival:

  1. Suncreen, Suncreen, and did I say Sunscreen? If you can’t tell, Allison and I are both pale.  We made it out unscathed though with a spray on SPF 50!
  2. Denim Shorts.  Not only are they cute, but you need something you don’t mind laying in the grass in, or sitting on curbs, or wherever you end up.
  3. Backpack.  We didn’t bring one.  Luckily Allison scored some swag from another music festival booth and put all of our little stuff in there. It made life so much easier!
  4. Water.  It will be warm and you will be walking a LOT. Drink lots of agua to stay feelin fresh!
  5. Take your time.  My favorite parts were where we moved slow enough to soak in all the culture and beauty around us.  Plan for a day and even if you don’t see everything, enjoy what you do see.

    I hope this helps! It  sure feels great to be writing again, editing photos, and reaching out to my readers.  I have missed you!!!

    Love love,

  6. Amanda
  7. Lay in the grass, sun in your face. Perfect moments!


    Accessories? Fringe, floppy hat, beer.

    My little turkey as big foot!

    My #OOTD.


    And don’t you forget it.

    These are the cutest!!!

#OOTD Denim Dress

Similar dress HERE.

Hello all! I hope your Monday’s went as fast as mine did. I swear today flew by. My day started off really great with a student bringing me a big bouquet of fake flowers her and her parents made for me. I asked her why, and she said, “Thank you for being my teacher!”.

I also wanted to share my #ootd. I bought this denim dress last week and I am obsessed! It’s so versatile, comfy, and cute. I boycotted denim dresses for a long time because I thought it would be “frumpy”. Boy was I wrong! I loved it and felt super cute.

The Lilies and Lattes Shop officially opened on Insta tonight! Go follow @LiliesandLattesShop to be the first one to get to cash in on my fashion steals! If you claim any item and use the code LILY next to it you will get 20% off!

Go check it out and give me a follow! Also leave some feedback of what kind of items you are most looking for!

Love love,


Valentine’s Day Recap

Me and my special Valentine <3

Hello my lovely ones! I had such an amazing Valentine’s day with my love. Disclaimer: Now before anyone out there goes “ugh, listen to her brag!” let me tell you something. I have literally waited my whole life for a man like this.  I have had my share of single Valentine’s Days, and my share of bad relationships.    I spent a long time praying for a love like this, and I am so blessed and thankful for what I have.  I want to share our love so it can inspire others in what love can be, what a man can be.  Also to know that you can be in the worst relationship and know that you need to not settle. I came thisclose to settling several times, and I am so thankful I did not. /end disclaimer

Now back to the recap!

I made us a yummy Valentine’s day breakfast of french toast, peanut butter, strawberry topping, and chocolates! Oh, and of course COFFEE! Shane got me this sweet coffee mug that I love! Oh, and can you find the unicorns in these pictures? 


I got all dressed up to go on our zoo date! I know that may sound silly, but I dress up pretty much when I  want to.  Also it was gorgeous outside for the first time in a hot minute, so you better believe I was wearing a maxi! You can see the outfit I wore here.  I also wore my new hair extensions and I loved the way they looked and blended! A tutorial on how I made them is on the way.

We had such a fun day riding the tram, watching the elephants do tricks and getting to visit so many sweet animals.  I absolutely love animals because of their sweet personalities.  I included a few of my favorite shots of these sweet babies!

Shane made me this sweet “Amanda Basket” of some of my favorite things!

These are a few of my favorite things! Sooo perfect!

I made three gifts for Shane. One was a vintage style mason jar photo frame, a set of hot sauce, and a fancy whiskey glass!

Such a wonderful day. I could not be a happier or luckier girl!

Tell me about your Valentine’s Day! Which loved ones did you spend it with? What was your favorite part?

Love love,



Puffy Vest and Stripes

Happy Tuesday everyone! Day one of the week is O-VAH! Woohoo!

The sun has actually been shining here and I could not be happier about it. I swear I suffer from the seasonal mood disorder where you get down when you don’t have enough sunlight. I basically told Shane I’m like a plant the other day… I need food, water, and SUN!

I loved wearing this sparkly vest outfit on one of these brisk (but sunny) days. I love layering especially living in a place where the weather is literally always changing. This is a pretty sporty outfit (for me) so I glammed it up with the sparkles in the best and a pink beanie. My leggings and glasses are from Ross and everything else I found on consignment. This striped shirt (also here) I found at Platos closet for $3 during their winter sale (which I believe is still going on).

How do you glam up your outfits? I hope you have a great day!!

Love love,


3 Pieces, 3 Ways

Happy Saturday, y’all! I hope your weekend is magnificent! Mine has been so nice and relaxing. I even went for a walk. In the outside. In January. I had chicken and waffles for breakfast, and a bubble bath. So obviously I am #winning!

I wanted to show you an outfit made of some of my favorite key pieces of my winter wardrobe.  I have found a trick that has really helped me trim the fat on my wardrobe as well as save me money.  I finally know how to differentiate between “wants” and “needs” in my wardrobe which is so hard for me because I love clothes! My trick is do not buy anything if I can’t think of three different ways to wear it.  Trust me, there are plenty of times I try to talk myself out of this rule.  Deep down, I know that if I can’t wear it several different ways I will probably rarely wear it, and it will just take up room in my already full closet.

So here is an outfit made from four of my favorite wardrobe pieces.  This outfit is cute for work or an outing, and is super warm!  Here are how I would wear the pieces in other ways:

  1. Chambray Shirt
  2. Fur vest
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  3. White pants
    6da5c98f6e3e918a35d677b2eaa6eefa 130820833abce6c446df0e304c19ee8f cc7b2c14846d089dedaa54c69d297edf
    These pictures are not mine! Find the links to all of them under Fashion Inspiration on my Pinterest here!

    Each piece offers so much variety! I love it! It definitely gives me more bang for my buck, especially the denim shirt I am wearing from Old Navy that I found on consignment sale for $2.50! (Originally $5.00, I found it in a half off sale!).  You can also see more white jeans outfits I have made here, and fur vest outfit here!

    What pieces do you love that you wear time and time again? Leave me some inspiration in the comments!

    Love love,