Saturday Shop My Closet

 Good afternoon lovies! I am hosting a shop my closet event on my Insta (@LiliesandLattes), and I wanted my readers in on a chance for some amazing steals! All of these clothes are in amazing condition, and are going for fractions of retail value! They are all clean and in style NOW. (Or I wouldn’t post! :))

If you are interested, leave a comment or email me at LiliesandLattesBlog@gmail.com. Items are first come, first served and can be delivered locally (OKC), or shipped for $1.99. 

Old Navy Long Shirt. Size S. $10 OBO.


Old Navy Dress. Size 6. &15 OBO.


Women’s black shirt. Tagged size L, fits S/M. $10 OBO.


The Limited grey cardigan. Size S. $10 OBO.


Old Navy Shirt. Size M. $10 OBO.

Love love,


Dating Tip Thursday- Know Your Dealmakers


Hello lovey ones! I hope your week is going fah-bulous.  I am personally so thrilled tomorrow is Friday (Fri-YAY).  Today I wanted to continue on to my previous post about Knowing Your Dealbreakers.  Dealbreakers are things that you know you absolutely do NOT want.  I also think of my dealbreakers as things I would not want for my future children and family.

Deal makers are the opposite of that.  What are the things you want in your ideal future partner.  This part is definitely more fun to think about, too.  Be serious about what you most desire in a partner. What will help fulfill you, and your lifestyle, and your future.  Also, do not think your deal makers need to be what your friends, your mom, or your sister think.  Remember that each of us is looking for our own Mr. Right! My Mr. Right and my sister or best friend’s Mr. Right are (thankfully) very different!

I recommend choosing five deal makers.  If your list is too long, you will never be happy.  Remember no one is perfect, but just like when we picked 5 deal breakers (things you absolutely cannot handle in a relationship), there are things you can look for too as you are out dating and mingling with other people.  I know my deal makers include adventurous, kind, likes to laugh/makes me laugh, likes to be outside, and hardworking.  I am so lucky because that is what I have found!

A great friend of mine told me that you also need to then think about what, where and who is my dream partner looking for?  Now I am not sitting here telling you to change for a man. You are undoubtedly wonderful.  However, if you are always at the club with two drinks in your hand, and you want a homebody to cuddle on the couch with, you may be going about this the wrong way! It’s not about becoming someone you are not. It is about putting yourself in the realm of the kind of person you are looking for.  I have seen countless girls become upset that there dream guy is not found at the bar or house party.  On the flip side, I have seen a friend want a really outgoing partner, but they only go to to their house and the bookstore.

What you seek is seeking you.  Your dream partner is out there.  Once you know what you want (or don’t want), you are that much closer to finding them.  In the meantime, you are many steps away from settling for less than you deserve.  Never, ever, settle.

Love love,


Happy Valentine’s Day, My Loves

Happy Valentine’s Day, my beautiful ones! I wanted to take a minute to stop in and let you know how much I love and appreciate all the support you have provided for my first few months with this blog.  Lilies and Lattes is taking off and growing in so many wonderful ways. I’m so appreciative!

I also want to tell everyone that no matter what your Valentine’s Day looks like, fill it with love. Love for yourself, your friends, your significant other, your pet, your family, and whoever loves you. Treat yourself awesome, make yourself your favorite drink. Think about how your future amazing significant other and what they would want you to do and how you would want to treat yourself.

Love begets love. Don’t let it get you down. Love life and enjoy this day you will never get back. That is exactly what I want for you!

On a totally different note here is my dress I got for today! I love treating myself to a new dress for special occasions. Especially one you can wear a bunch of different ways like this one! It didn’t break the bank at all, $24.99 at Rue 21! I’m so in love with it.

I hope you all have a marvelous day!

Love love,


5 Things I Learned From Superbowl 2016

  1. NFL Can Be Fun!
    I am definitely not the biggest NFL fan in the world. In fact, I don’t watch it unless it is on in front of me at a friends house. In the words of Shane, “I don’t watch sports ball”.  I love college football (because i’m from Oklahoma, duh), and I love NBA. I have just never got down on NFL.  I had such a fun time gearing up for the Superbowl this year.  I rooted for the Broncos (because they are my BFF Allison’s favorite team), and it was so much fun.  Good food, good friends, good fun. What more could you want?
  2. Say NO To Puppy Monkey Baby
     Oh. My. Goodness.  If you have NOT watched the Puppy/Monkey/Baby Mountain Dew commercial, Google it now.  It is 50 shades of DISTURBING.


  3. Say NO To Queso
     This one is personal.  Shane made some delicious sausage queso for his work Superbowl party.  So did everyone else.  I like to think I have an iron stomach, but large amounts of queso definitely hurt my tummy, along with hot dogs and beverages. Ouch! Watch out for that cheese, y’all.
  4. Say YES to Budweiser
     What have we learned from Peyton Manning (other than awesome work ethic, and a good Christian heart)?  After a long, hard season, go home and drink some Budweiser. Shameless plug or no?
  5. Superbowl Style- Dress Comfy
     Uhm, I’m still Amanda, and I’m still going to take this back to fashion.  Have fun, dress comfy.  If you are like me and don’t have any sports team swag, wear something you feel cute and comfy in (preferably stretchy, see point #3).  Be yourself and don’t feel pressured to dress super sporty.  I went for a casual look with tights, a soft grey t-shirt, and a favorite denim jacket.  I went super easy with a messy hairstyle, headband, and simple accessories.


    Not me, but my PINspiration!!

I hope y’all had an amazing weekend. We already survived Monday… GO TEAM!


Leopard and Mint


Hello loves!!! I wanted to share one of my favorite work outfits. Dressing nice for work always puts me in a better mood, especially when leopard print is involved. 

Another thing I love having in my wardrobe is sundresses. They can be worn all year! I just mix mine with different accessories, like scarves and tights in the winter and big necklaces and wedges in the summer. 

Mint and leopard seem so random to mix together, but are one of the best pairings. I love changing it from my normal black and leopard. 

I had an awesome day and night today! Lunch with my bae and dinner with my sweet friend Moriah! This week is flying by. I’m also excited because I’m going CAMPING this weekend!!!

What is your favorite work outfit? What are your big weekend plans? Leave me some love!

Love love,


Snaps From My Weekend 

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I hope you all had an absolutely beautiful weekend. Mine was so restful and fun! Here are some snaps from the past three days!

Started this weekend with some chicken and waffles… YUM. It was as glorious as it looks!


One of my sweet friends gave me a new french press for Christmas along with a penguin decal! How adorable is this? Plus who doesn’t love some french pressed coffee?!! I know I do!

We took the dogs for a walk at the park because it was actually warm enough! It was still cold so I had Puppins test out his boots. He actually did really well with it! It was such a gorgeous day, and I really needed it. I think I was definitely getting down from a lack of sun in these lackluster winter months. If you can, GO GET OUTSIDE!

  Shane and I had the best date night EVER this weekend, and we built a fort! I swear the only thing better than a child ‘s fort is a grown up fort, complete with chocolate and popcorn. We watched bad tv and cuddled. If you have not had a date night like this, plan one right now!! Whether it’s with your boyfriend, your best friend, or your puppy!

  Does this picture even need a caption?  I love when I have time for an uninterrupted bubble bath with a piece of chocolate!

After a day of errands, cleaning, and “adulting”, I had a wonderful nap (i’m a nap addict) and Shane made me this delicious avocado pasta. Nothing makes my life more happy than avocados (basic, I know) especially in the winter.  This pasta was so delicious, and I actually feel rested for the school week!

What were the highlights of your weekend? Please leave some comments!

Love love,



Boscia Pink Face Mask Review

  Happy Hump Day everyone! We have made it once again!  I am so excited for this coming weekend because I am walking in a local fashion show! I am doubly excited because all of the money goes to a charity called Angels Go To Work. This organization advocates for those caught in sex trafficking and also promotes awareness.  I had no idea my state is one of the top locations for this to happen.  So anything I can do to raise awareness and help the cause, I am there!

Real up close and personal

It is so cold here now, and I start my day doing an outside duty for the school. Needless to say, my skin is getting DRY.  I looked in the mirror yesterday and I was shocked!  I decided it was a great time to test out my Boscia Hydrogel Mask (more HERE).  It may have looked a little funny, but my verdict was in… I loved it!

The application worried me at first, because it comes in two pieces, with a piece of plastic on each side.  This mask was actually super easy to apply, and has slits to custom fit your face.  I did mine blindly because I was in the bubble bath (love them!).  You remove one side, apply it to your face, and remove.  Then repeat, and leave on for twenty minutes.

This mask felt great! It is all natural with no preservatives or artificial fragrances so it was super soothing for my winter-beat skin.  It wasn’t too slimy either, and it stayed moist the whole time (I hate when masks dry on your skin so tight it hurts!).  You remove it after 20 minutes (mine went a little longer because it felt so good!), and rub the rest of the leftover mask into your skin. Do not wash.


pre-makeup ! my skin feels amazingly soft. dont judge the bags its 6 a.m.!

My skin felt very soft after. My real verdict was for this morning to see if it lasted through the night.  YES! My skin is very moisturized and looks alot better.  I am a huge spend thrift when it comes to beauty products, but I think this is a great treat for your skin and makes for a really soothing pamper night at home.  I am interested in trying more of their products now! If you have tried this or another facial mask, let me know what you think!

Love love,



Sunday Inspiration- Let God Lead You

 Good evening, loves. Normally my Sunday inspiration comes from the days church sermon. Today, however, it comes from some discussion with some of my dearest friends.  Tonight Shane, a couple friends and I played a few rounds of Magic, the Gathering (I know, don’t judge, it’s actually really fun!) and ended up chit chatting about church, tithing, and our futures.

While thinking and discussing our plans for the near and far future, We all have reached recently that the best way for us to have comfort in our future is to look towards God and the signs he gives us about our futures.  That to me is where we pray, listen to our hearts, and look to what God is putting in front of you. What do you hear in a church sermon? Or from a trusted friend? Was there a song or movie that spoke to you? To me these are more than mere coincidences and is God gently steering us towards where we need to be. I am not here to say everything is a sign, but developing that close relationship with your higher power will let you know!

As a huge over thinker, it has taken a long time for me to put this trust into something other than myself. “How will I know it’s right?” “What if I’m wrong?!” “What if I mess up?” “What if I FAIL?!” (the dreaded “F word”). However, since I have started letting God lead my way, I have so much less anxiety. I know that he has the perfect plan for me!

Let me leave that with you tonight. If you have stress, trouble, and heartache (or headache) from all the worries, let God lead you, just for tonight. I think you will start to feel a huge weight lifted. Sweet dreams all!

Love love,



A Chilly Day at the Dog Park


Happy Hump Day lovies! Oh my this week is going fast now. Yesterday was my first day back in the classroom with the kiddos and it wore me smooth out! I came home and took a two hour nap! It was glorious.

I had a great time over the holidays with so many loved ones, but it is also nice to get back to a little more calm and a little less crazy! Anyone else hear me on that?!

New Years Day Shane and I took out sweet fur babies to the dog park. We haven’t gone in forever! The first time I went there was on our second date. It is still one of my favorite dates. I already knew he was special and I was so excited and nervous. He surprised me with the drink I ordered on our first date from Starbucks. Needless to say I like going back because it makes me think of that happy memory.

It was super cold here on New Years so I bundled up. I am becoming the queen of bundling because I help outside the front of our school every morning and it is COLD!!! I found this adorable leopard coat on consignment for $10.50 over the break. It is so warm and I wear it pretty much every day now. I’m still in the market for a puffy coat like this, but with a fur hood. When you live in Oklahoma you always layer because you never know what the weather will bring!

We had such a good time. Puppins and Guiness (Shane’s dog) had such a good time running around making friends. Puppins makes me laugh because he only plays one game, chase me. He eventually gets caught tho and makes such a whiny fuss when he does! He’s so silly. He also was called a girl at the park. I wanted to tell the lady, that’s why he’s in a blue coat! Honestly though, it happens a lot.

Who else takes their fur babies to the park? Leave me stories in the comments, I would love to hear!

Love love,



Leopard is my Favorite Neutral

 Good morning lovelies!! Today is off to a bright an early start, and look who is up blogging! Yup, I am pretty proud of myself right now. I am excited to get myself on a better blogging schedule (a la my New Years Resolutions). I even reorganized my desk area, which is great. Because working on my laptop in bed, with Puppins and a cup of coffee, was slow goins.

I love this outfit I wore yesterday on my last day of Christmas break. Yesterday was very pretty, but still very cold.  It is amazing how warm a fur vest really keeps me.  I love outfits like this because it’s super easy in the fall and winter to throw a bunch of neutrals together and end up looking super chic. Leopard is hands down my favorite neutral, and adds a pop of sass to whatever I wear. You will see alot of leopard on this blog, so I hope you like it too!

This weekend was such a good end to my break. Shane and I went to the dog park and let the little bubbas run out all of their energy. Puppins is so not ready for school to start. He usually gets up and acts crazy when I get up for school. He is still passed out in bed. #Jealous

I watched alot of Netflix and movies in my PJ’s which is what I have been wanting all break! ALSO, Shane fixed the heat in my car! My heat went out a couple months ago, and long story short, it is a ridiculously expensive repair ($1500) that Shane managed! I loved that man before of course, but wow that was the best Christmas gift ever!  I am so excited to drive to school in a toasty car!

Last night I did some self care in preparation for school starting back. Luckily we are in meetings today. I think the district knows we just aren’t quite ready for the kiddos yet haha! Anyways, I pulled out some little sweet gifts I recieved for Christmas.  I had soy Starbucks peppermint hot cocoa (my favorite drink EVER), and made a hot bath with this fizzy bath bomb! It was amazing and needless to say I slept like a baby.

What do you do for your self care? Any other teachers out there getting ready for today? Have an amazing Monday!

Love love,