How to be OK (When you’re having a blasé day)!


I seem to be finding myself having many “blasé and unimpressive sort of days lately.  Not bad, but not thrilling by any means.  I feel like enough of these in a row can make any girl lose her cool.  After a bad experience with my downstairs neighbor (who seems to think I am purposefully trying to bother her by things like taking a shower, having a conversation, and building a bookcase at 6:30 p.m….) I was definitely losing it.  So it got me thinking “How do you stay ok on a blasé day?”.

Here are the 4 ways I have found tried and true when you are falling into a rut or a funk!

1.)  Don’t Focus On One Thing
Sure enough, during blasé times, negative things happen. It can become so incredibly easy to focus on the ONE or TWO things that are going wrong and ignore tons of other things that are going right.

How do I know this? I am a victim of this mindset!! Take the incident of Cruella downstairs.  I became so bothered and upset (and i’m not saying it was rightfully earned, but hear me out), that I was losing sight of all the other good things about that day.  I got to spend time with Shane and my sister and nephew.  I got to help my nephew with his school project.  Shane still insisted on taking my grumpy self out on an overdue date night even when I wanted to pout.  Reading that back is like, “wow, you were upset?!” but I think we all know how easy it is to get single minded and forget to focus on the good.

unnamed                                                 Thank you Shane for the reminder to pick myself up and not let the blase’ ruin my day!

2.) Spice Up Your LIfe
We are always in control of our own lives whether it feels like it or not.  When times are getting “bleh” take some time to do something special for yourself (this does not have to cost tons of money, if any at all!).  If you have a tub take a bubble bath.  Go outside and be with nature.  Call up a friend you have lost touch with.  Paint your nails.  Cook something delicious.  If you work all the time, take some time to yourself.  If you are feeling bored and restless, volunteer and share your time and energy with people who need it and will be thankful for it.  Look inside your heart and seek what you need!

unnamed (1)                                                 Doing makeup (even when I didn’t feel like it) helps!  Stay fabulous friends! 

3.) Seek God
Sometimes it is so easy to get caught up in our own mundaneness that we forget to seek the ultimate.  Seeking God puts us back onto His path and the one we want to be on.  Let go of worries and let him know you trust that you are where you are supposed to be! This sounds so easy, right? Well I will  be the first to tell you it’s not! I have to remind myself on the daily of where my heart should be and to rejoice in all times, not just the “amazing” and “exciting” ones.  I highly recommend a devotional to start or end your days.  It keeps the word fresh in your mind and heart and is often more relatable, especially if you read it during your first cup of coffee like I do!

A quick side note,  I respect all religions on this blog.  I will share my own faith and inspirations.  I am not here to bash or judge anyone.  Only to share my hard-earned inspirations and hope that they help someone the way they have helped me.  Oh, and also that maybe a few of you can take an easier road to finding the joy I have found through my savior!

4.) This Too Shall Pass
     This sounds simple, but it really is “just another day”.  Some days will bring unabounded excitement.  Others will bring excitement in a negative way.  Some days are just blasé.  No matter what the day,  remember that it will pass.  Life is an ebb and flow, and the happiest way I have found to live is to (try your best) to love all of it.  Respect it and find passion in all times.


There will be times to sleep in and times to pound coffee and watch the sunrise.  Sometimes you will be in the sun in some shorts and suntan lotion and others you will be bundled like an eskimo (If you only could have seen me at car rider duty yesterday… Literally don’t care what it looks like as long as i’m warm in the morning!!!).  Sometimes you will have the best companions and sometimes you will be alone.  All I know is my favorite passion is to try (try) to be thankful for each day as it comes. Even when it takes gentle reminders from those that I love.

I hope this helps you when you find yourself in an unimpressive time in life.  What are some things you do to cope during these times? Please leave all of your thoughts below!

Love love,


Welcome Home!

IMG_4369 -AmandaL - FBC Gardens 15_55_34-2                                                              (Photograph by Terrell Fry Photography)

Welcome, welcome to my new and revamped blog. I have been pittering with the idea of becoming more serious with my blog for quite awhile.  It became easy for awhile to let excuses get in the way (I’m tired! all I want to do is watch TV! Do I really have what it takes? And on. and on. and on).  Finally I decided “No, the time is now”, and here we are.

There are so many reasons I love blogs.  I love getting to glimpse into other women’s lives.  I love being able to support one another through our struggles (I have found none of us are THAT different, no matter state, shape, size, single/married, kids/nokids, sarcastic or sweet…).  We all have moments of joy and moments of sad.  I love getting a chance to express that as openly and honestly as I can.  I love the idea and hope that my thoughts could help inspire others.  I love fashion, decorating, cooking, teaching, my dog, and I love sharing it!

IMG_4389 -AmandaL - FBC Gardens 15_58_26                                                                 (Photograph by Terrell Fry Photography)

My hope is that when my readers come here, it feels a little like “coming home”.  I hope this blog is as “real” of an experience as possible.  While social media breeds pretty, well-organized pictures (and those will happen),  I want my readers to know that I am a real, 28 year old woman.  I have good days.  I have bad days.  I take pictures that look awesome.  I have a phone full of bloopers because I am not someone who can hide my expressions very well.  Somedays I teach and I am rejuvenated, enthused, and moved by my students.  Some days it is just making it through the day until I can get home to the couch.  Sometimes my hair and outfits are on FLEEK (yes i said fleek haha), and somedays my closet and I “fight” until I end up in leggings and a hoodie. (yes closet fights are real ask my boyfriend Shane!).  All in all, I hope my writing helps others through their life, whether it moves mountains, or simply gives us a place to connect and enjoy what I write.

Thank you for visiting Lilies and Lattes.  I am still moving over from my old blog (now that I have this fancy domain name, say what?!).  If you wish to contact me please email me at MandyLambXO@gmail.com.  You can also follow me on Snapchat MandyLambXO or IG @LiliesandLattes for important pictures for your every day life (Ok, ok, mostly my dog, Puppins!).

Please, please, please leave feedback below! I have just began designing this site so we have far to go! Ideas are greatly appreciated! What makes you want to visit a blog?  What sort of things would you like to see here?  What inspires you the most?

Love love,