A Day At An Arts Festival

Good morning lovelies! It is Thursday already, woohoo! If you are a teacher, it is 15 more days of school (for me at least)! It is also Cinco de mayo, ARIBA ARIBA MARGARITA!  Whatever today means to you, I hope it is lovely!

Being spring it means it is outdoor time, and apparentally full of festivals.  My last post chronicled my trip to the Norman Music Fest (Okie-chella).  Today I want to share from my trip to the Edmond Arts Festival.  For all of you non-Oklahoma natives, Edmond is a town just north of Oklahoma City.  I had honestly never been to their arts festival, but I had an amazing time! There was a great variety of talent displayed, live music, and of course FUNNEL CAKE!

I posted some of my favorite art I saw there.  I am a huge fan of anything floral (or resembling flowers), so alot of the pictures I took are of that variety.  I also saw an awesome wall of metal fish, which makes me happy because I love to go fishing.  There was even a (very expensive) painting of a greyhound that looks just like my Puppins!

In other exciting news, I finally decided to attempt blogger “wall” pictures.  I realized I have few pictures of me posing in front of some cool and eclectic wall like most bloggers do.  Here is my first attempt! What do you think? It was honestly one of those days where I was feeling hormonal and cranky.  I fussed over most of the pictures and finally gave up.  When I looked at these a few days later I realized I was just being so hard on myself! Do you guys ever have those times?

Do you have arts festivals where you live? What is your favorite part?

Let me know!

Love love,


A Day At A Music Festival

Hello and good morning, my long lost loves.  I have sadly been away from blogland for way longer than I have intended.  I have had alot of work stress, sickness, and I have just been so ridiculously busy/exhausted.  More on all of that poo-poo later.  To blast of my spring season of blogging, I wanted to chronicle my adventure to the local music fest this past weekend.

One of my best friends Allison and I had a total girls day and went to Norman Music Fest (Norman is the home of the University of Oklahoma if you didn’t know, and is an absolutely adorable town).  I like to refer to it as “OK-Cella” because at least I felt like I was at Coachella! Either way, I definitely used it as a day to soak in music, fashion, art, delicious fair style food, drinks, sunshine, and time with my bestie.  Here are my tips for having the best day at a music festival:

  1. Suncreen, Suncreen, and did I say Sunscreen? If you can’t tell, Allison and I are both pale.  We made it out unscathed though with a spray on SPF 50!
  2. Denim Shorts.  Not only are they cute, but you need something you don’t mind laying in the grass in, or sitting on curbs, or wherever you end up.
  3. Backpack.  We didn’t bring one.  Luckily Allison scored some swag from another music festival booth and put all of our little stuff in there. It made life so much easier!
  4. Water.  It will be warm and you will be walking a LOT. Drink lots of agua to stay feelin fresh!
  5. Take your time.  My favorite parts were where we moved slow enough to soak in all the culture and beauty around us.  Plan for a day and even if you don’t see everything, enjoy what you do see.

    I hope this helps! It  sure feels great to be writing again, editing photos, and reaching out to my readers.  I have missed you!!!

    Love love,

  6. Amanda
  7. Lay in the grass, sun in your face. Perfect moments!


    Accessories? Fringe, floppy hat, beer.

    My little turkey as big foot!

    My #OOTD.


    And don’t you forget it.

    These are the cutest!!!

Sunday Steals

Hello blogland ladies and gents! I apologize for the break in posts but it has been SPRING BREAK, and I have also been busy launching my resale shop! You can find it on Insta @LiliesandLattesShop as well as here on the blog! I have hand picked some steals for my readers to get dibs at.  I will carry a variety of sizes and styles so check every Sunday for my new steals and deals!

All items are in excellent like-new condition and come from a clean, smoke-free home.

If you are local (Oklahoma City) we can do a pickup, and if you are nonlocal I can ship it to you for an additional $1.99 ($2.99 for shoes).  To claim an item comment on this post with an email or email me at liliesandlattesblog@gmail.com.

Thanks guys and I hope you enjoy!

  Mossimo Black and Tan Maxi Dress Size Small. $10.
  Early Mornings Tee Size Small. $5  Old Navy Tanks, Size M. $4 each or both for $6.
  Old Navy Sundress Size 6. $10.  OKC Thunder Shirt Size M. $15.
  Buffalo Plaid Shirt Dress Size L. $10.  White Keds Size 7.  $25.
  Glitter Toms Size 8.5. $25.  BOBs Boat Shoes Size 6. $25.
  Bobs Boat Shoes Size 6. $25.
Express Wedges Size 7. $10.

 Orange Jeggings Size M. $8.

A Letter To Myself


Today’s post is a letter to myself.  It is easy to look at a blog, an IG account, or a Facebook and think, Wow, she has the absolute perfect life. I bet she doesn’t have any problems. Au contraire, my friends.  Every single one of us is writing our own story, and no story is without ups, downs, struggles, triumphs, victories, and mistakes.

Lately, I am just feeling down.  First of all, I am (and have always been) my own worst critic.  I hold myself, as I think many of us do, to some impossible standard.  But on the real, how can we not sometimes? There are ads and tv shows around us with perfect bodies and contoured makeup.  can hold the most amount of stress. Nasty coworkers, rude and uncouth bosses, and being worked to the bone.  The worst is when you are worked to the bone for someone who could care less about you. Even our friends and family can pull us down at times.

How do we stay strong?  When you know the light will shine again? When you know things will be better, but it’s hard to see a way out? I decided to change my original post and write out what I would tell YOU, and then read it back to myself.

Dear Reader Amanda,

You are so beautiful today, inside and out.  You are making a difference you don’t even know. Please don’t let negative forces dull your sparkle.  Often times, people are on a collision course with their own life, that they need to push everyone down so that they can feel on top.  Your job is best to armor yourself to their negativity, and let your light shine brighter.  Walk away if you need to, but love yourself first.  You are doing an amazing job.  You are meant for amazing things!  GOD has a plan for you, and will use this time to grow you into the person HE needs you to be.  Trust in HIM, Trust in yourself, and Trust that their is so much good in our world.

You have got this today.  Today will be an amazing day, and you are stronger than you think you are.  Go out and let your light shine and do not be ashamed of who you are.  You are amazing.



Isn’t it  funny how easy it is to advise someone else other than ourselves?  I hope this helps anyone else out there struggling with a tough time, be it work, school, family, dating, financial, or personal.  My calling for this blog is always to inspire others and be as transparent (as possible) with my own struggles and triumphs.

I hope YOU have a wonderful Tuesday.

Love love,



Stripes and Sneaks

    Happy Weekend, lovelies! I hope yours has been lovely. I am happy to be back posting after an extremely busy week, including conference night at school, the one year anniversary for the art studio I teach at after school, and a coworker/friend’s going away party.  I have definitely napped the past two days! Thank you, weekend!

I scored some new clothes this weekend, with my PIC/Worst Shopping Influence EVER, Kelsea.  We had a much needed girl date and went consignment shopping.  Kelsea asked if we could go by Wal*Mart (everyone’s favorite, am I right?) to get her some new socks. Naturally I obliged.  I mentioned to her that wally world has stepped their fashion game up, so we peeked through the clothes.  It was amazing how much cute stuff we found!!!! The prices were actually better than at consignment, with the slight relief of knowing the clothes have had no past, out on the streets, or in a smoking home. Just kidding on that, but it is nice to buy completely new-to-you stuff from time to time.

My favorite piece are these Keds style sneakers.  I have been eyeballing these for awhile now, wanting to dress-down some of my dresses and other outfits.  The ones I am wearing actually come with memory foam in the bottom, and are so so comfy!! I paired them with this striped dress and sweater for a nautical feel.  It was perfect for the 60’s and 70’s weather we had today.  However, it was SO WINDY we had to take some #ootd shots inside! So here’s a little peaky poo at my apartment, just for you!
 I also got them in mint! Those didn’t have memory foam though, wah!

What would you pair these with? Shoot me your ideas and let me know how your weekend was!

Love love,


Party Like It’s 1989

  Sunday Shane and I had such a cool experience.  His boss had her 40th birthday, and she threw an awesome, I mean tubular, 80’s themed party.  She threw it at a place called Flashback Retro Pub, which is an 1980’s themed pub complete with tons of arcade games, a 1980’s dance floor, and lots of 1980’s themed drinks.  We got to free play games like Tetris, Duck Hunt, old school Mario, and Mortal Combat. It was such a blast! Those games are fun but HARDER than I remember!
  Themed drink list, so freakin’ rad!  Perfect 1980’s themed cupcakes. They were vanilla buttercream and soooo good!
    I had to sit on a rubix cube and take a picture with the plant from Mario…
    SO. MANY. GAMES!!!! Awesome setup. Can you spy pac-man?
Shane rockin his guyliner, headband, and some video juegos!

We had such a great time.  Everyone had amazing costumes, delicious food from a food truck, and lots of dancing.  It made me really happy especially on a Sunday evening which can be kind of a downer.  I think I could go back to the 1980’s anytime!

Love love,


Clark’s Botanicals Moisture Mask Review

Happy Thursday loves! This week I have been trying something new to help my dry winter skin called Clark’s Botanicals Deep Moisture Mask. It is an all natural mask made to help environmentally tarnished skin (aka our poor winter skin!). 
At first I wasn’t sure because I am so used to flashy, colorful masks that scrub at your skin. It’s an anti aging mask as well as a moisture mask. This one has a light, natural, scent and goes on your skin very smoothly; almost like lotion. I left mine on for about ten minutes in the tub. Not only is it super moisturizing with jasmine, green tea, and algae extract; but the moisture actually lasted me for days and days after, even in the dry and windy Oklahoma air.

I definitely recommend this mask, 5/5! Clean, soft, and soothing for even the driest of skin. Buy it HERE.

Love love,


#OOTD Denim Dress

Similar dress HERE.

Hello all! I hope your Monday’s went as fast as mine did. I swear today flew by. My day started off really great with a student bringing me a big bouquet of fake flowers her and her parents made for me. I asked her why, and she said, “Thank you for being my teacher!”.

I also wanted to share my #ootd. I bought this denim dress last week and I am obsessed! It’s so versatile, comfy, and cute. I boycotted denim dresses for a long time because I thought it would be “frumpy”. Boy was I wrong! I loved it and felt super cute.

The Lilies and Lattes Shop officially opened on Insta tonight! Go follow @LiliesandLattesShop to be the first one to get to cash in on my fashion steals! If you claim any item and use the code LILY next to it you will get 20% off!

Go check it out and give me a follow! Also leave some feedback of what kind of items you are most looking for!

Love love,


A Day at the Swap Meet

  Yesterday Shane and I ventured out early on the first gorgeous Saturday morning of the year to visit the local swap meet.  A swap meet is a huge market where you can go to buy really anything you can ever imagine.  You can barter with the sellers and sometimes even trade with them.  It’s such a fun experience, plus it was Shane’s first time to go!

I also had a chance to wear JEANS. and SNEAKERS.  I really love being girly, wearing dresses, and dressing nice.  It is also so fun to me to get to be casual and get a little down and dirty with my style.  
It would not be a swap meet in Oklahoma with a lot of farm animals!

  It was a man heaven full of all the tools you could ever imagine.
t was also a girl’s of heaven with ton’s of beautiful local flowers! I am in love!

It was such a great day with such beautiful weather.  We found a lot of neat items from clothes, antiques, furniture, and more.  It was all country themed with a saloon and fake ghost town in the middle.  It was definitely a great reason to get up and get out early to see the sights.  I was needing a relaxing weekend in the sun SO. BAD.

What do you do to relax? What kind of outfits do you wear on your bummy days?

Love love,


Saturday Shop My Closet

 Good afternoon lovies! I am hosting a shop my closet event on my Insta (@LiliesandLattes), and I wanted my readers in on a chance for some amazing steals! All of these clothes are in amazing condition, and are going for fractions of retail value! They are all clean and in style NOW. (Or I wouldn’t post! :))

If you are interested, leave a comment or email me at LiliesandLattesBlog@gmail.com. Items are first come, first served and can be delivered locally (OKC), or shipped for $1.99. 

Old Navy Long Shirt. Size S. $10 OBO.


Old Navy Dress. Size 6. &15 OBO.


Women’s black shirt. Tagged size L, fits S/M. $10 OBO.


The Limited grey cardigan. Size S. $10 OBO.


Old Navy Shirt. Size M. $10 OBO.

Love love,